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reBOOKed was developed as a result of a convergence of two events in the fall of 2012.

The first was an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the growing popularity of "My Little Libraries", which are birdhouses that people put in their yards containing books for neighbors and passers-by to borrow. It seemed like a nice idea, but most people probably don't want to put a structure in their yard, worry about books getting wet in the rain, and have to deal with strangers hovering in the driveway.

The second was a reading list brought home by the founder's youngest child, containing a list of books that had to be read over the next few months. Of course, since everyone in the class had the same list, the local library was bereft of every title. However, as the list varies little from year to year, certainly someone else in the neighborhood had a copy that could be borrowed. But, how to find out who?

The convergence of these two events led to a brainstorm that, through fits and starts, became reBOOKed. We hope that it will be useful to you and that you will tell others. The more people are involved, the more useful it will become.

Thank you!

About Us

The founder, programmer, troubleshooter, and first user of reBOOKed is Scott Wilkinson. Blame him for any and all faults.

If you'd like to help, let him know. We can't afford to pay, but are certainly glad to accept more qualified assistance out of the goodness of your hearts.


Privacy Policy

Since a privacy policy is required by Facebook to spread their little icons around, here it is:

We won't sell your emails. We don't know your passwords - they are encrypted. We won't tell anyone that you have anything to do with us, but we encourage you to tell them yourselves. Your email address WILL show up if you join a circle, but that's kind of the point of the whole reBOOKed thing - to contact people you know and ask them to share. Your location won't show up anywhere for anyone but you. We won't use our awesome administrative powers to dig through the database, determine your zip or postal code, search through the phone directory to find someone with your name in that area, then appear at your door to solicit funds. Ever.

Contact Information

Found a problem? Have a suggestion?

At this time, there is only one person to speak with, and that is Scott. You can send him an email. He will be ecstatic to hear from you. He may even respond. Tips are always accepted.