Reviews of Telecommedy, the Book

Telecommedy is masterfully written and is a very funny rendering of the most exciting time in the optical business. The book is rich in candor and is an excellent primer for all types of students on what to expect in the real world. I often wondered why extremely competent engineers like Scott stay in an industry, which often has tragic dimensions — a lot it has to do with all of the laughs.

— Mark Lutkowitz, Principal, fibeReality

250 pages! I usually just read scripts.

— Robert Edwards, Performing Arts Director, DUMC


Reviews of Telecommedy, the Georgia Tech Lectures

It's an awesome speech. By the speaker's story, I understand that never say no to any opportunity. Trying to overcome any challenge can make our life better than we think.

— Student review, 2017

This was the best presentation so far. I loved the way he projected his ideas, his work, and his beliefs. I am really inspired by his life story and how he did not lose courage even though the companies he used to work at kept closing. His lecture would really help me grow as a professional individual who keeps learning and doing stuff constantly.

— Student review, 2017

A really great presentation for people just staring their career. ... The handful of life lessons were insightful. I can see how all of hte content presented will be useful down the road. I think this has raised the bar for other presentations in this class.

— Student review, 2017

For the eighth year in a row, your talk is the most popular amoung our ECE students. ... The students again gave your presentation an extraordinarily high ranking with a score of 9.2/10 for the beneficial nature of the material and a 9.5/10 for presentation style. Well more than half of those attending (twenty-two students) gave you scores of perfect 10s in both categories.

— Paul G. Steffes, Georgia Tech Professor (2017)

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