This page is primarily intended to let you know if you've discovered the Scott Wilkinson that you were searching for. There are a lot of us out there, but we are not interchangable.

I attended St. Timothy's Elementary School in Raleigh, NC from kindergarten through 5th grade, except for third grade. For the third grade, I attended Wallace O'Neal Day School in Southern Pines, NC. For Junior High School, I attended West Millbrook Jr. High in Raleigh, NC.

I graduated from W. G. Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC in 1986.

From 1986 to 1996, I was a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. I received a BEE degree in 1990, and a PhD in 1996. I lived in Techwood Dorm for my freshman and sophmore years, in Armstrong Dorm for my junior and senior years, and in a duplex on Mecaslin Street for most of grad school (while I was single). After marriage, we lived in Doraville. As an undergraduate, I was quite involved in acting at Dramatech Theatre. In grad school, I was a member of the Integrated Optoelectronics Research Group, and published a bunch of stuff interesting only to people in that area.

I was married in September, 1994 to the former Tina Paige Hayes of Parsons, TN. We were married at Northside United Methodist Church, where we were both 6th grade UMYF counselors for several years.

1n 1996, I moved to Allen, TX, a suburb of Dallas, where I worked for Fujitsu Network Communications of Richardson, TX.

In 1998, I moved to Dunwoody, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, to work for Hitachi Telecom USA, Inc. of Norcross, GA.

From 1999 to 2001, I worked for Kestrel Solutions of Mountain View, California (telecommuting from Atlanta). In 2001, my son Ben was born in Atlanta.

In late 2001, I joined Parama Networks in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. I spent a few years in beautiful Middletown, NJ. In 2002, my daughter Anna was born in Red Bank, NJ.

In early 2003, Parama's New Jersey office folded, and the whole family returned to the Atlanta area. I am back working with Hitachi, although I still occasionally consult with Parama.

In my spare time, I administer the Wilkinsons on the Web internet site.

Some of the least interesting things that I have written that I could find published on the internet
And some articles I found where the authors ran out of interesting things to write about and quoted me instead
And some lingering evidence that I spoke in public on something vaguely interesting to a select few insomniacs

If any of this sounds like the Scott Wilkinson that you are looking for, then please feel free to contact me at scottw at