Sat. Sept. 30th. Bright and quite cool in morn and a cool and dry NE breeze most of day and some clouds late in eve. Pa picked some cotton in morn and walked to Clara's and back in eve and Willie picked in morn with Wiley and Doug in Coon field and dined at Wiley's and he rode Dan to town in eve and back by sunset. I drove Joe to our old high buggy to Primm place, to mill, in morn and carried 2 1/4 bu. corn for us and 1 3/8 for Wiley and got home at 11 1/2 and I hauled a cart load of beech wood from NW of Wiley's and a load of corn in eve from field and fed Wiley's horse and hogs and chickens late in eve and helped Lucy to milk. Wiley and Rena and baby drove Fanny mule to Jack Deloach's in eve. Ida D and Miss Minnie Comfort came in eve and Miss Minnie stayed all night.


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