Wed. 1st. Cloudy most of the day. Wind from SW. I finished picking Dewberry cut by 9 1/2 in morn and Nellie and I finished all of patch here by 4 in eve. I put my stag in pasture in eve.

Thu. 2nd. It dropped rain from daylight till 9 in morn. I put up hens' nests, fixed leaf to table and picked cotton balance of day on H ridge.

Fri. 3rd. Bright and warm in morn and rained slowly from 3 till 6 but just enough. I picked 90 pds of cotton in Cherry cut in morn. We looked for Mary and Tigner but they didn't come. Clara here all day. Dan here in eve late.

Sat. 4th. Foggy early, rained good shower at 3. I picked 90 lbs cotton in Cherry cut in morn and picked some pepper late in eve.

Sun. 5th. It rained good shower at 1 1/2. The first to wet the ground for 3 weeks. Nellie at her Pa's all day. I dined at Pa's. Rain ran me home at 1 1/2. Rain was from S with some wind.

Mon. 6th. Cloudy, rained a shower at 9 in morn and good shower at 2 and lasted till 5. I went to Pa's and into town in morn and got dress for Clara and 1 for Mary and 50 cts flour and 50 cts sugar from E & L. I and Willie rode for cows late in eve. Dan and Bud came. I gave them some sugar cane.

Tue. 7th. It commenced to rain at 7 and lasted till 11 and showered some in eve. Mr. D's boar and one sow came through our patch here in morn. I fixed my saddle in morn and gathered last of corn by front gate and cleaned and shelled some whip peas to feed in eve.

Wed. 8th. Cool and cloudy, wind high and from N. I picked 167 pds cotton in Cherry cut all day. Nellie and children at Pa's all day.

Thu. 9th. Cool and bright. Nellie and I shelled some corn early. I picked cotton in Cherry cut all day. I put out my corn to dry at 12.

Fri. 10th. Cloudy, it commenced to rain at 12 and rained all eve. I had sick headache all day. I picked cotton in Cherry cut till 11. Tigner and Mary came at 12. Dan and Bud here in eve.

Sat. 11th. Cloudy and warm. I had sick headache all last night. I took corn to town in eve - took 1 and 1/4 bu corn to mill and carried some potatoes and sugar cane to Mr. Drake and got pair shoes and dress for Nellie and 5 pds coffee, 1 gal coal oil and pk of salt (paid for) and 1 comb.

Sun. 12th. Cloudy, dropped rain most of day and rained slow shower at 5 in eve. Nellie, children and I at Pa's all day, Morgan there.

Mon. 13th. Cloudy in morn and showered all eve from N. I rode to town early and exchanged Nellie's shoes and got 12 more yds of calico. I grabbed some potatoes and picked and shelled some butter beans and got some wood. I had pain in my right side in eve.

Tue. 14th. Bright and pleasant, wind from NE. I picked cotton in Dewberry cut in morn and here in patch by Spring gate in eve. Mary and Clara here in eve looking for Tigner.

Wed. 15th. Cloudy cool, wind from NE. It commenced to shower from NW at 1 and lasted all eve. Tigner and Mary left here at 3 1/2 in eve. I turned out Agnes' calf and Lottie in morn. I picked cotton on H ridge in morn. I found a guineas' nest on H ridge with 18 eggs at 11 in morn.

Thu. 16th. Cloudy and calm, no rain. I picked cotton on H ridge all day. I had pain in left side of my head all day. Nellie and Willie rode Julia to Pa's in eve.

Fri. 17th. Bright and pleasant, wind from SE. I picked cotton on H ridge all day and finished all but little.

Sat. 18th. Bright and warmer, wind from SE. I finished cotton on H ridge and picked balance of morn in Dewberry cut. I picked 13 pds cotton in patch here in eve. Agnes' calf died this morn..

Sun. 19th. Bright and warm, wind from S. Mr. D came in morn and got some sugar cane. I found a guineas' nest by Sims' orchard fence with 10 eggs. Nellie, children and I rode to Pa's in eve. Mr. Primm there.

Mon. 20th. Bright and warm. I picked cotton in Dewberry cut and Nellie here in patch all day.

Tue. 21st. Bright in morn, cloudy, warm and thundered around in eve. I picked cotton in Dewberry cut and Nellie here in patch all day.

Wed. 22nd. Cloudy and threatened rain from S in eve. I picked and finished Dewberry cut by 12. I had sick headache and vomited all eve. Nellie picked here in patch in morn.

Thu. 23rd. It commenced to rain a slow rain at 8 in morn and lasted till 4 in eve. I picked 20 pds of cotton by Spring gate, cut some poles and put on my manure pen in morn. Dan here in eve.

Fri. 24th. Foggy till 9, cloudy and sprinkled rain in eve. I killed an opossum in pasture at daybreak, gave it to Harrison. Bud, Clara, Nellie and Rena went to Tigners' early. Lizzie cow broke in patch and I fixed fence in morn. I picked cotton by Spring gate in eve.

Sat. 25th. Cloudy early, bright and warm in eve. I picked cotton here in patch most of day. Dan came in eve. I took 1 alt pill last night and 2 cin pills today. Aunt Tilda here at noon.

Sun. 26th. It rained a hard shower at 2 and a heavy rain with some wind from W at sunset. Bud, Clara and Nellie got here just before the rain.

Mon. 27th. Cloudy. It turned cool at noon from NW. I picked cotton here in patch most of day. It drizzled rain late in eve.

Tue. 28th. Bright and cool wind from N. I picked and finished all of patch by dinner. Nellie helped me pick on H ridge in eve. Dan came by on way from Morgans' at 1.

Wed. 29th. Bright and cool. Willie and I picked cotton on H ridge in morn. I hauled a cart load of corn from Gate cut and shucked some to grind in eve. Clara came in eve.

Thu. 30th. Cool and clear. Willie and I finished picking all of H ridge by 10 but 1 row. Uncle Gus and his 2 girls came. I shelled 1 1/2 bus corn in eve.


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