Sat. Oct 29th. Clear and quite cool from N. Willie and I took cart to Surgett's and traded our guinea sow, Chunk, for corn and she brought 14 1/2 bbls corn and 85 cts in money and we saved some to eat and Nellie made 6 gal of lard. We returned at 9 and I took up manure and fixed the 5 gal keg for Nellie to put lard in by 12. I rode young J to Cohen's in eve and got some things which I paid for and 10 yds domestic - $1 - on credit and borrowed $5 to pay the preacher (Brother Jones).

Sun. 30th. Clear and cold, N wind all day and frost at night. Nellie and Rena went in buggy, I rode young J to Sunday School and preaching in town and we got very cold in church. I paid McGehee $5 for preacher. Bud here most of day. Dixie and Willie stayed home.

Mon. 31st. Clear and a white frost in morn which scorched things badly. Willie, Rena and I picked peas in Persimmon cut most of morn and put up in hull and I cut and packed out all of Creole Cane and made 2 ricks of it in orchard in eve and finished by sunset. Nellie and Rena went to Clara's in eve.


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