Mon. Nov.1st. Clear and very dry - wind from S some little frost in morn. I dug 5 rows of slip potatoes on H ridge and hauled them in 2 cartlaods about 15 bushels in all and put them in stable by 12 1/2. Willie and Rena gathered hay most of morn. Willie, Rena and I picked and threshed about 3 1/2 pks of peas in eve mostly on Cherry cut.

Tue. 2nd. Bright, cloudy some, pleasant and dry. Willie and Rena picked some peas in hull and beat out nearly a pk in morn. I dug 5 rows of potatoes on H ridge by 12. Willie, Rena and I hauled them in by 3 1/2 in eve - about 2 full cartloads and put them in stable. Willie, Rena and I picked 1/2 bushel of peas in Cherry cut in eve.

Wed. 3rd. Bright but cloudy some all day. It rained out NW of here at 3 to 4 in eve. Willie and Rena picked about 25 pds peas in Cherry cut. I hoed on H ridge with hoe all morn.

Sat. 16th.


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