Wed. Nov. 1st. Bright and warm and some dark clouds all day. A. America, Willie and Martha picked cotton all day on H ridge and I paid them $1.75 at dark. Dixie, Willie and I picked and finished Gate cut of cotton by 11 1/4 in morn. Willie and I picked and threshed over a 1/2 bu peas on hill in Cherry cut in eve. I had dull headache all eve and night.

Thu. 2nd. Bright and warm till 1 and we had a hard little shower at 1 1/2 to 2 from NE and then bright in eve. Willie and I picked 80 pds cotton on SE corner of Persimmon cut by 11 and finished it. I suffered all last night with sick headache and till 1 today. Alice, baby and Clara here all day. Bud came in eve. I didn't work in eve only gathered hay late in eve to put on my potatoes.

Fri. 3rd. Cool and cloudy, wind and clouds from N. Pa and boys came early in morn and we dug, hauled in and put my potatoes (about 70 bus.) in old fodder house and finished at dusk. Mr. D hauled and ginned his cotton today.

Sat. 4th. Cloudy and drizzly from NE till 12. Sun shined some in eve. I carried sk of potatoes to F. Coon's early and Mrs Coon gave me a piece of beef, which Nellie carried with 5 pds of flour to Charles. I fixed my potatoes in house and fixed up a doorstep to front door and carried a sk potatoes to Mr. Sims at 11. I rode to Morgan's at 1 to 2 and paid him $50 in silver and came by Cohen's and got $1 worth of coffee - half for us and half for Clarissa, and 1/2 doz thread for Nellie.

Sun. 5th. Bright and pleasant, wind and some clouds from N. Dixie, Willie and I walked to Sunday School this morn and on to Pa's. Nellie and Rena rode Julia there early in morn. Pa went to Morgan's early in morn and back by here late in eve. Dick D at Pa's.


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