MAY 1888

Fri. May 25th. Cloudy and warm and rained in thundershowers at 9 to 11 1/2 in morn. Cloudy all eve. I tried breaking up on poor NE end of Cherry cut in morn but young J kicked up and wouldn't work and I harrowed all of rows there with young J twice to a row by 9 and rain ran us home. I broke up with young J where I had potatoes last year all eve. Dan and Bud came in eve and got the meal and meat which I got for them on Wednesday last.

Sat. 26th. Bright and warm from SW and no rain. I finished breaking up with young J by 8 1/2 in morn on poor NE end of Cherry cut and Willie and I planted cotton and whip peas there and finished by 6 in eve. We got up old Matt from cow pasture at 1 to 2.

Sun. 27th. Bright and warm from SW. Dixie and Rena drove old J to buggy and Willie rode old Matt and I young J to town to Sunday School and Brother Jones preached a sermom to children in the church. Nellie stayed home in morn. We returned at 2. Nellie, Dixie and Rena went to Mr. D's in eve and Willie and I stayed home.

Mon. 28th. Bright and warm from SW all morn and showered at 12 1/2 to 1 1/2 from NW and warm and cloudy some all eve. I laid by corn in Gate cut till 10 1/2 and finished it then and barred off some cotton on H ridge till 11 1/2. Cousin Gus came and bought young J for $50 in morn at 5 1/2 to 9. I harrowed all of corn middles on far SE corner of H ridge and in Cherry cut to Cherry stump with old J twice to row. Willie scraped some cotton in new ground in morn and some of potatoes in eve.

Tue. 29th. Cloudy and rained in little showers several times in morn and we had hard shower from SW at 2 and another rain from S at 3 to 4 in eve. I laid by all of corn on far SE corner of H ridge by 10 1/2 and 10 rows on upper side of Cherry cut by 11 3/4. Willie and Rena scraped some cotton in new ground in morn. Willie and I went to field at 1 1/2 and got nearly wet with first rain and did not work any in eve.

Wed. 30th. Cloudy and showered early in morn and again at 10 and began at 1 and lasted all eve and all night a slow rain from S. Willie and I finished scraping new ground cotton by 11 and did nothing in eve on account of rain. Dan came at 12 1/2 and brought some palmettos for Clarissa and he stayed till 5.

Thu. 31st. Bright and pleasant from N and no signs of rain. I walked early to Mr. Sims' and marked some calves for him and 2 for Steve and got back by 9. Willie and I hoed some of Willie's cotton in Cane hollow till 12. I drove old J in buggy to town in eve and got the $40 for young J from Lindenmayer and got 1 bushel meal, 2 pds coffee and 3 of sugar from there and I got a cloth horse collar from Benedict at 40 cts. I returned at sunset and tooth and jaw ached very bad late in eve and at night.


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