JUNE 1890

Sat. June 21st. Bright and quite warm all day. Pa, Willie and I finished setting out slips on W side of new ground and I lay down and rested. Willie and I walked to Dick's and cousin Dosia rode Larry in eve and went there too and Bud came at 3 1/2. Dr McGehee came there to see Ma at 11 1/2 and she was better in eve.

Sun. 22nd. Bright and warm till late in eve and rained a sprinkle then from E. None of us went to Sunday School. Nellie rode Hattie to Dick's in morn and there all day and all night. Pa, Dixie, Willie and Rena walked there in eve. John Fugler and Gussie here a while in morn. I arose with headache and lay down part of morn and all eve and vomited all eve and got better after dark. Bud came here from Dick's and stayed all night.

Mon. 23rd. Bright and warm till 2 and rained little shower here then and thundershowers passed around all eve. I plowed sugar cane in new ground with 6 furrows with Hattie all morn and I plowed cotton with Salome on H ridge with 6 furrows (2nd time) all eve. Pa hoed cotton in Cane hollow all morn and in Persimmon cut all eve. Willie and Rena went to school.

Tue. 24th. Cloudy all day and rained a slow shower early in morn and daylight to sunrise and again at 1 to 2 1/2. I plowed cotton all day. I plowed the oat patch cut by new ground, a little patch by old road and some on H ridge. I plowed Hattie in morn and Salome in eve. Willie and Rena went to school. Pa hoed cotton all day in Cane hollow in morn, and in Persimmon cut in eve.

Wed. 25th. Bright but cloudy some all day - shower at 10 in morn and again at 2 from W. I plowed sugar cane with Hattie in new ground till 10 in morn and got wet with rain then and quit. I plowed Salome all eve and finished sugar cane by 3 1/4 and plowed cotton balance of eve on H ridge with 6 furrows. Pa hoed cotton all morn in Cane hollow and hoed the potatoe patch in field in eve.

Thu. 26th. Bright and warm most of day. We had a little shower at 12 and a heavy one at 1 to 2 from W. I drove Hattie to town in buggy early in morn and got some things and came by Cohen's and got a sack of oats on credit and got home at 11 3/4. Pa and I hoed cotton all eve - some by road and some on hilltop of Persimmon cut.

Fri. 27th. Bright and warm till 3 1/2 and showered around balance of eve and sprinkled here 2 or 3 times. I plowed cotton all day on H ridge (Salome in morn and Hattie in eve). Pa hoed cotton most of day in Persimmon cut. Willie and Rena went to school all the week. Miss Mattie C taught all week except Monday.

Sat. 28th. Bright and quite warm all day and thundered all eve and a cloud blew up from E at dark but didn't rain. I plowed cotton all morn with Salome. We finished all of H ridge (2nd time) by 9 and plowed some in Cane hollow till 10 1/2. Pa and Willie hilled some of the late cotton by front gate on E in morn and they went to Dick's in eve. Ed Lewis here at 3 to 4 in eve taking the census. I hoed my peach tomatoes on H ridge and my golden potatoes in new ground in eve.

Sun. 29th. Bright and warm all day and thundered in E all eve but no rain here. Nellie and I drove Hattie to Sunday School and preaching in town in morn. Dixie, Willie, Rena and Pa stayed home. Willie and I walked to Dick's in eve and I saw Basil Banyun about hoeing. Seymour and Dixie drove Flirt to our buggy to preaching late in eve.

Mon. 30th. Bright and warm all morn and a thundercloud came up from SE at 2 to 5 but only sprinkled here and cloudy and warm here all eve. I plowed cotton (with 4 furrows with Hattie all morn - 2nd time) in Cane hollow and I harrowed with Salome all eve in Pa and Willie's new ground cotton twice between rows. I finished cut W of Cherry cut and some on pine corner. Basil Banyun and wife hoed all day in Persimmon cut of cotton. Willie and Rena went to school in morn but Miss Hayes didn't come and Willie hoed cotton most of day. Alice sent for Pa at noon and he walked up there in eve.


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