JUNE 1883

Fri. June 1st. Bright and very warm and thundered far off most of day. George A. and I got our Lizzie's heifer out of a hole by creek early in morn. I cleared off brush in new ground patch most of day and George A., Mary and Anne planted it in cotton with hoe and finished all of it but little by bay log and tree by 3 1/2 in eve and they scraped some cotton in Dewberry cut balance of eve.

Sat. 2nd. Bright and warm till 5 in eve and then we had a hard rain with wind and thunder from N which lasted till 9 1/2 at night. I cleaned up by bay tree and log and planted it in cotton and sowed seed over all of new ground patch and finished it all by 12. I rode over creek at 3 and saw Lizzie's heifer and Rena and I got some blackberries in old field. Mr. D and Dan came at 4 1/2. Mr. D went home before rain but Dan stayed. He and I went to creek about sunset and the creek was up - we got nearly wet. Dan stayed all night.

Sun. 3rd. Bright and warm, thundered and rained around far off in eve but none here. I crossed Dan over creek early in morn. Dixie, Willie and I went to Sunday School in morn. Bud and Mattie Chambers came home with us (Nellie and Rena stayed home). I crossed Mattie over creek late in eve. Mr. Sims here late in eve. Annie Coon got married on last Fri.

Mon. 4th. Bright and warm, thundered and showered around from 1 till night but none here. I went over all of corn in Persimmon cut and that on H ridge with hoe and finished all by 9 in morn and worked road in front of our house till 11. I worked road where gate used to be in eve and finished all of it by 5 in eve.

Tue. 5th. Bright and warm, thundered amd threatened rain all eve but only dropped here at 2 and 3. I began to scrape the grass out of my potatoes early in morn, but quit and plowed them out with 4 furrows by 10 and hilled and uncovered them with hoe and finished by 5 1/2 in eve and I cut some oats for Julia. They are now turning yellow. I have been feeding on them for nearly 2 wks.

Wed. 6th. Bright and warm till 1, then a cloud passed around E of here but only rained enough to drop off house here and cloudy all eve. I barred off cotton on E side of orchard and plowed out sugar cane with 4 furrows and finished at 10. The children and I got some blackberries and had stew for dinner. I began to mold cotton at 2 1/2. I molded all of long rows in patch by front gate and rode down on branch in field and saw Joe P about hands late in eve.

Thu. 7th. Bright and warm and showered around in eve but none here. I finished molding patch by front gate and molded on H ridge till 11. I plowed out middles here by front gate and some on H ridge in eve. Aunt Margaret, Emma and Chloe scraped cotton in Dewberry cut and finished there by 4 in eve and scraped all of plowed part of orchard which is the last part of my cotton - all being scraped except the new ground planted with a hoe.

Fri. 8th. Bright and warm. It thundered and showered far off all eve. I molded cotton on H ridge in morn. I ran a black male hog out of my field by Mr. D's at 9 in morn. Alice, Clara and baby here all day. I plowed out middles in cotton on H ridge where I molded in morn. Joe Porter cut my oats with cradle in eve.

Sat. 9th. Warm and cloudy and showered around all day from 10 in morn. We had light shower here at 10 in morn. I molded and plowed out middles in cotton on H ridge and finished that by 10 in morn. I cleaned up my barn from 10 1/2 to 11 1/2. I tied up and hauled in my oats in eve and finished them at sunset and was very tired. I hauled in 230 bundles.

Sun. 10th. It rained light in morn but not enough - very warm. All of us went to Sunday School in morn and on to Pa's. I had a headache and took some peppermint and soda and headache got better at sunset.

Mon. 11th. Bright and warm till 10 and then it thundered and showered around here but none here. I went on cart to Cohen's early in morn and got 50 cts coffee, 50 cts sugar, 1/2 doz thread 30 cts, 1 pd soda 15 cts, 1 coffee dripper 40 cts., 1 tin dipper 10 cts and 5 cts of cakes and it all came to $6 + . I returned at 10 1/2 and hauled in all of my oats to the patch from barn by 12 1/4 and sunned them till 5 and cured them nicely. I hauled them in at 5 and scraped some cotton by cowpen and W of sugar cane late in eve.

Tue. 12th. Some dark and showery clouds all day but bright and sun shined most of day here. Had a hard little shower at 4 in eve. I harrowed cotton middles in Cherry cut and Joe Porter molded and we finished all of that cut. I harrowed watermelon patch in hollow and all of Willie's patch and little in cut below oat patch. Joe Porter molded in Willie's patch. Aunt Margaret, Emma and Chloe hilled patch of cotton here by front gate by 11 and on H ridge balance of day. The shower ran us home at 4 1/2 but we went back after shower.


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