JUNE 1882

Thu. June 1st. Bright and pleasant, wind from N, but very wet. I thinned cotton nearly all day, on H ridge in morn and finished there by 11 and by Gate cut in eve. I found Lizzie cow in field in Pierce's corn at 8 in morn. I hauled a load of wood late in eve.

Fri. 2nd. Clear and pleasant, wind from SW. I began and molded cotton by Cherry stump till 10 1/2 in morn and then went around in turf corner and saw George Atkins about work. Mary and Ann came in eve and hilled in oldest cotton on H ridge. I molded about a doz rows of cotton here by front gate in eve and finished all this patch and finished plowing all middle in Gate cut in eve.

Sat. 3rd. Bright and pleasant, wind from NW. I went to Harrison's early and marked 7 calves for him and then I molded cotton in Dan's old PP and got up to long rows by 11 1/2. Mary and Ann hilled cotton on H ridge in oldest cotton till 12. I put some chip manure in Julia's stable and ditched around it and leveled road by front gate and hauled a load of wood in eve. Washed and drank a cup of coffee late in eve.

Sun. 4th. Bright and cool, wind from N. All of us went to Sunday School in morn and on to Pa's. Cousin Tom, Floyd and Hattie went there with us. Pa went to river last Thursday morn and returned Fri morn. I have had a pain in my jaw and head most of day. It got in right side late in eve and I took 3 alt pills.

Mon. 5th. Bright but some high clouds all day and pleasant. I took 3 alt pills yesterday evening and suffered all last night with headache till dinner today. I molded cotton between persimmon tree and Cherry stump in morn and plowed out middles there in eve with 1 furrow and molded some late in eve. Mary and Ann hilled cotton and finished H ridge by 10 and in Gate cut balance of day.

Tue. 6th. Bright, but some high clouds all day, wind from SE. I finished molding by persimmon tree by 8 1/2 in morn. I molded on H ridge balance of day. Mary and Ann hilled cotton in Gate cut all day.

Wed. 7th. It began to rain slowly from S at daylight and lasted all day, just enough to wet the ground well, not enough to run or make the fields muddy. I tried twice in morn to mold cotton on H ridge, but rain stopped me. I went to Harrison's at 3 1/2 and saw Charles about hands. Bud came at 4 1/2 in eve and brought gal syrup and saw my crop.

Thu. 8th. Cloudy and threatened rain all day, with pleasant wind from SE but only dropped some through the day. I have a slight cold in my head and throat and have been suffering with soreness and pain in my lower left jaw for 3 days. I plowed and finished plowing over my cotton the 1st time by 4 in eve and thinned and replanted part of patch of cotton by front gate late in eve. Charles, Ann and Bena hilled cotton all day and finished Persimmon cut.

Fri. 9th. Dark, cloudy most of day from N. I replanted all of old cotton on H ridge in morn and finished replanting and thinning patch by front gate in eve and hoed 3 rows by Spring gate. I found a guineas' nest with 8 eggs late in eve by gum hollow. Charles and Bena hilled cotton all day. They finished all of my young cotton and hilled little in Gate cut where Mary and Ann left off.

Sat. 10th. Bright and very warm till late in eve and we had a good hard shower from NW with some wind and thunder. I paid Harrison $3.25 early in morn for work. Clara, Ann and Emma hilled cotton till dinner and finished Gate cut and some of patch here by front gate. I cut oats in field with butcher knife till 10 in morn and hauled them in late in eve. Ma here all day. Cousin Ophelia Floyd came at 4 in eve and left just before rain. I cleaned out spring and dug down banks there at 3 in eve.

Sun. 11th. Bright and warm, wind from NW. All of us but Nellie went to Sunday School in morn. We recited verses the first time. Our Lizzie broke in orchard here in morn. Cousin Dosia came home with us at 11 1/2. Mr. D and boys and Bud and John Chambers here in eve. Willie sick in eve.

Mon. 12th. Warm and dark, cloudy in morn and threatened rain at 10 but only dropped. Bright and very warm in eve, wind from SW. I cut off Lizzie cow's eyelashes in morn. I cut oats till 10 in morn. Nellie and Dixie washed in morn. Mrs Lizzie and Annie Coon came in eve. I hoed 3 rows of sugar cane and hauled in 34 bundles of oats late in eve.

Tue. 13th. Bright and warm in morn and very warm in eve till late about sunset and then it clouded up and threatened rain and blew from SE but no rain. I cut oats till 10 in morn. All of us went to Pa's at 1 1/2. Cousins Amarintha and Doc Henff there. They came at 11 1/2 yesterday. I hauled in 31 bundles of oats late in eve. I loaned Seymour a bucket of flour late in eve.

Wed. 14th. Bright and warm , wind from SE. I cut oats till 11 in morn and finished last of patch in field and my right hand was skinned and very sore. I hoed 6 rows of sugar cane next to henhouse and hauled in 40 bundles of oats in eve, making about 125 bundles in all that I cured. Mr. Sims came late in eve.

Thu. 15th. Bright and very warm weather and getting dry. I arose with slight headache, took a dose salts early and dose of cin and iron at 11 1/2. The headache left me late in eve. I hauled out 8 cart loads of manure on oat ground in morn and spread it in eve. Alice, Clara and Susanna came in eve and brought us some sugar and lard and 20 pds of flour that they owe us.

Fri. 16th. Bright and warm and getting very dry. I plowed up about half of my oat ground in field by 10 in morn, which is very hard and dry. Mary Turner and Winnie hilled patch of cotton by front gate in morn and finished it by 11 1/2. I rode to town in eve and got a dress for Nellie, a machine band, 1/2 doz thread, and 2 pair stockings from Beaumont and 1 can peaches, 1 can apples, 2 pears needles, 1 card buttons from Fugler and a box of Prince's pills from R & W, and I took 2 of the pills at night.

Sat. 17th. Cloudy and pleasant breeze from SW in morn, bright in eve. I plowed and finished breaking up oat patch by 9 1/2 in morn. It is very dry. The driest and hardest ground that I ever plowed. Fannie Banford hoed most of sugar cane in morn. She hoed to pay for milk that she got last week. I did nothing in eve. Dixie and children went to Mr. D's in eve.

Sun. 18th. Bright and warm and dry weather, wind and some clouds. All of us went to Sunday School in morn. Nellie, Dixie and children went to Mr. D Chambers' from the church. I came home to dinner and went to Pa's in eve. Cousins Nannie and Gus and Lewis there. Mr. D, Dosia, Seymour and Gus here at night.

Mon. 19th. Cloudy all morn from SW, bright and warm and dry in eve. I plowed with 4 furrows the patch of cotton by front gate and got down to front gate by 11 and quit. The ground is getting very hard and dry. I made a new popgun apiece for each of the children at 2 and hoed in sugar cane all eve.

Tue. 20th. Bright, warm and dry, wind and few clouds from SW. I finished plowing cotton by front gate in 1 hour in morn and commenced and plowed in Gate cut running 6 furrows till 10 1/2 in morn. I hoed in sugar cane all eve and finished hilling all but 3 rows.

Wed. 21st. Bright and very warm all day, thundered in NE far off in eve and all night. I plowed with 6 furrows in cotton in Gate cut till 10 1/2 in morn. I began to take iron in morn. I had slight headache from early in morn till 3 in eve. I hoed the 3 rows of sugar cane which is the last of it all being hoed over cleanly and began to hoe cotton by front gate next to Spring gate. Cousin Nannie and Clara came and I quit. Nellie sick all day and at night with something like flu.

Thu. 22nd. Bright and very warm and dry. It thundered in E all last night and it rained far off in E in eve. I had my plow sharpened early in morn and plowed with 6 furrows in Gate cut of cotton till 10 in morn. I hoed in patch of cotton by front gate in eve.

Fri. 23rd. Bright and very warm till 2 in eve, and a cloud then came up from NE and rained a light shower but not enough to do much good to the ground. It is very dry. I plowed nearly all day in Gate cut, running 6 furrows. Dixie and Eliza washed at the spring in morn.

Sat. 24th. Bright and very warm till 1, and then a cloud came up from E and we had a good rain which lasted more than an hour with a good deal of close thunder and some wind. Old Aunt Peggy came in first of rain. All of us went to creek in eve, which was very high. I plowed and finished Gate cut of cotton by 9 in morn. Bud and Scott N came at 10 and only stayed little while. They had a picnic beyond Womack's yesterday and danced at Primm's all last night. Mary and Scott at Pa's. I rode in field to see my crop late in eve and fixed spring and water gap.

Sun. 25th. Bright and warm till 2 and then a cloud came up from SE and we had a heavy rain with some thunder and little wind. All of us went to Sunday School and Mr. Brown preached. All of us went to Pa's to dinner. Mary and Scott and Cousin Nannie there. The cloud ran me home at 2 1/2 and I got sprinkled little. I went to Mr. D's at 3 1/2. Mr. D and Brown went on to Surgett to church. I went to the creek which was very high; just about as high as yesterday. Mr. Sims crossed just above my ford and I started across and Julia bogged down in sand and I jumped off. Got nearly wet and came back home. Bud crossed Nellie, Dixie and children late and they got home just at dusk.

Mon. 26th. Bright and warm and showers passed around from 9 in morn till 2 in eve, but only sprinkled here at 1. I fixed spring early and rode to Sims'. I waited there untill Bud and Mary, and Scott and cousin came along and all of us went to town together. I got 1/2 doz plates, 5 1/2 pds coffee, 2 of sugar, 25 cts soap, 1 1/2 yds black calico, 2 spools thread for Clarissa 30 cts, 2 pairs white stockings for Rena from Kaisers'. Paid for all. I got 1/2 pd of powder and 2 pds shot from Morgan's and 2 yds ribbon (blue) for Dixie at 25 cts per yd. I tried to rebed my slip ground in eve but it was too wet. I plowed most of eve in cotton on H ridge running 4 and 6 furrows but it was rather wet.

Tue. 27th. Bright and warm in morn, and showered around from W till 3 in eve. It rained enough to run off the house and run in the yard and then very sultry all eve. I plowed in cotton on H ridge running 6 furrows in morn and bedded 8 potatoe rows in oat patch and set out 2 of them late in eve. Miss Jenny Chambers and Fannie Ida came in eve.

Wed. 28th. Bright and warm. It thundered and rained far off in E and SE nearly all eve. I set out 6 rows of potatoes in morn and hoed my potatoe bed and finished it by 11. I plowed out circle on top of H ridge running 6 furrows between cotton rows and finished the circle by 5 and then Dixie and I watered the 8 rows of potatoes set out yesterday eve and this morn. I have been taking iron since last Wed. 21st.

Thu. 29th. Bright and very warm weather. I arose with headache which went off at 2 in eve. I plowed in cotton on H ridge, running 6 furrows. I plowed rows on through young cotton out to road by persimmon and finished all of oldest cotton but 5 rows. Dixie is unwell. She took 4 of Pierce's pills night before last and dose of salts this morning. Nellie and Dixie washed in morn.

Fri. 30th. Bright and warm but some dark clouds and damp SW wind all day. It sprinkled rain at 1 1/2. I plowed in cotton all day on H ridge. I finished the 5 rows of old cotton early and plowed in youngest cotton running 6 furrows and finished all of H ridge but 8 rows on lower side.


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