JUNE 1880

Tue. June 1st. Very warm and bright. I set out 1 row of slips (the first I have set). Dug out Irish potatoes and hoed pomegranate trees in morn. I plowed in Gate cut of corn in eve. Clara came in eve. Rena had fever in eve. I am hoarse with cold and very unwell.

Wed. 2nd. Warm, cloudy, thundered around all day but didn't rain. I plowed in corn in Gate cut in morn and harrowed cotton middle in Cherry tree cut from fence to wire grass in eve. I was hoarse all day and little fever late in eve and at night with cold.

Thu. 3rd. Bright and pleasant, N breeze in eve. I plowed in corn in Gate cut in morn and harrowed and finished all of oldest cotton and some of whip pea middles in eve. George A molded all of old cotton up to wire grass. Willie had fever in eve with cold. I was feverish at night.

Fri. 4th. Bright and warm. I took dose of salts early and tonic and cin pills before breakfast. I plowed in corn in morn. I harrowed and finished all of 2 plantings of whip pea middles and some of cotton middles in Dewberry cut in eve. George finished oldest cotton and molded in Dewberry cut in eve. I paid him $2.80 for 2 days plowing and 50 cts for hoeing (2 or 3 weeks ago) at night.

Sat. 5th. Cloudy some, had light shower at 1 and another at 2 1/2. I plowed and finished all of my corn in Cane hollow at 8 and plowed out my first planting of whip peas by 11 and plowed out my 2nd planting of whip peas and popcorn in eve.

Sun. 6th. It rained light shower at daylight and a good one at 2, cloudy all day. Nellie, children and I dined at Pa's. Nuky and Dixie there. Clara and Buddy went yesterday to Tigners'.

Mon. 7th. Cloudy in morn, bright and warm in eve. I finished harrowing mids in Dewberry cut and plowed out mids there (where George molded last Fri) in morn and molded and plowed out some mids there in eve. Lucy had 5 pups last night. I commenced to use my oats last eve.

Tue. 8th. Bright in morn, threatened rain at 1 1/2 but only dropped. I finished molding and plowed out mids in Dewberry cut at 10 and harrowed some mids on H ridge at noon. I harrowed some mids there and scraped 6 rows of cotton in eve.

Wed. 9th. Sprinkled rain at 2. I finished harrowing mids on H ridge by 8 and finished scraping last of my cotton and hoed my tomatoes and pepper in morn and rescraped some of my potatoes in eve. George finished molding my cotton on H ridge in eve. I paid him a $1.50 at dark.

Thu. 10th. It rained 2 light showers in eve. I finished rescraping my potatoes by 8, harrowed and plowed them out by 10 1/2. I hilled 5 rows of them with hoe in eve. I found guinea's nest by George's spring with 15 eggs late in eve.

Fri. 11th. Bright in morn and had 2 light showers in eve. I finished hilling my potatoes by 8 and went over all of Gate cut of corn by 11. I replowed slip rows (7) by garden and plowed out some cotton middles in eve on H ridge.

Sat. 12th. Bright in morn and had good rain from S at 1 1/2. I plowed and finished all of middles on H ridge of cotton and peas by dinner. Tigner and Clara dined here. Dan and Charlie N came in eve.

Sun. 13th. It thundered in eve but no rain today. I went to Morgan's in morn. Cooked my dinner. Nellie and children at her Pa's all day. Went to Pa's in eve.

Mon. 14th. Bright and warm, SE wind all day. It threatened rain at 9 in morn but only dropped. I plowed out all of middles in Cherry tree cut.

Tue. 15th. Warm. It rained good shower at 2 from W and cloud came up from NW late in eve but only drizzled. I hoed cotton in Plum corner and little of sugar cane in morn and hoed some cotton between Spring gate and cowpen in eve. Nellie went for Ma in morn and took her home in eve and Willie went.

Wed. 16th. Warm and cloudy in morn, cool and bright in eve with wind from N. I set out basket of vines in gaps in my potatoes. Stuck Nellie's vines and hoed some in sugar cane in morn and hoed in cotton by Spring gate in eve. Mary A and Ann hoed in my oldest cotton in Cherry tree cut in eve.

Thu. 17th. Cool and bright. I hoed in sugar cane in morn and here in cotton in eve. Mary A and Ann hoed in Cherry tree cut of cotton in morn and paid all for sewing.

Fri. 18th. Cool in morn, warm in eve. I hoed and finished sugar cane in morn and cotton by hen house in eve. Sara,Dunc, and Jim, and Charlie hilled cotton and finished my oldest cotton.

Sat. 19th. Bright, warm, and dry. I hoed in cotton here by beech stump in morn. I hauled cartload of manure out and put around my tomatoes, pepper, and watermelons. Hoed them and planted 4 hills of watermelons in eve. Clara came and brought Willie home.

Sun. 20th. Bright in morn and cloudy and windy from E. in eve, but didn't rain. Nellie and children spent day at Pa's. Uncle Gus and Bill Miller there - Sam H. and Schotel there in eve. Nellie, children, and I in field in eve.

Mon. 21st. Bright and pleasant, wind from E. I hoed in NE corner of patch here in morn and W side in eve. Louise B., Mary A., and Henrietta hilled all of Dewberry cut of cotton and some on H ridge today.

Tue. 22nd. Cloudy and thundered all day. It dropped rain early in morn. I hoed here in patch all day. I put thread around my watermelons at 2. Clara came in eve.

Wed. 23rd. Bright most of day. We had good shower S.E. at dark. I hoed here in patch all day. Harrison and Bena hoed and finished hilling last of my cotton by 4 in eve.

Thu. 24th. Bright most of day. Mr. Sims and I went early with cart to town and got one half bbl. flour-$1.00, coffee, gal. of syrup, gal. of coal oil, 1 pd. soda, 2 pairs of stockings from Kaiser on credit and hat for Willie. I hoed 2 rows of cotton in patch in eve and set out few potatoe vines. Mr. Sims came and Dan and Bud came late for corn and oats.

Fri. 25th. Bright in morn. Threatened and drizzled most of eve. I drew up 2 and a half-some for potatoes and set out vines on them and in gaps in my old potatoes and finished by 5.

Sat. 26th. Cloudy most of day and damp S wind. Rained a good shower at dark from SW. I hoed in N end of patch and finished by 9 1/2 and scraped the row of slips set out on the 1st of June in morn and hauled out some manure and put some around my oldest watermelons and planted 6 hills and planted some tomatoe seed and hilled the row of potatoes (that I scraped in the morn) in eve.

Sun. 27th. Bright and S winds and threatened rain all eve but only sprinkled. Dan came in morn and went to see my crop. Nellie, children and I rode to Pa's and we went to hear Mr. Drake preach in eve.

Mon. 28th. Bright and warm wind from S. I harrowed and replowed my slip ground from old potatoes to garden and drew up 2 rows on upper side where I had Irish potatoes and hoed little in sugar cane late in eve. Charlie B and another machine agent came at 10 and I showed them the way to Pa's.

Tue. 29th. Cloudy and warm and thundered around in eve. I hilled my sugar cane with hoe in morn and cut up all my cushaw vines. Dixie dined here. Nellie made a dress for her. I commenced to plow my oldest cotton in Cherry tree cut by fence in eve. Dan here late in eve with toothache.

Wed. 30th. Bright most of day. A dark cloud came up from S at 1 but didn't rain. I plowed in cotton in Cherry tree cut all day. Pa came late in day for Willie.


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