JULY 1893

Fri. 21st. Bright most of day but sprinkled rain at 3 to 4 in eve. Willie and I set out some slips in orchard in morn and I plowed sugar cane most of eve with Hattie and finished last of it (in orchard).

Sat. 22nd. Bright and warm till 11 1/2 and showered some till 12 1/2 and cloudy in eve. I drove Hattie to cart to Cohen's in morn and carried some figs and got a bbl flour and 50 pds of sugar on credit and returned at 11 1/2 just before rain. Willie rode Salome to town in morn and returned at 11 1/2. Rosa and Maggie Miller came in morn. I had a dull headache all day and it went off at or in night.

Sun. 23rd. Bright and warm and no rain. All of us home to dinner and all went to Lewis' in eve and had SS (my first time there). Maggie and Rosa went too.

Mon. 24th. Bright and warm all morn and cloudy and thundered around in eve but no rain here. I began on hill and plowed cotton all day with 4 furrows (2nd time) - Salome in morn and Hattie in eve. Pa and Willie hoed cotton all day in Cane hollow and finished there.

Tue. 25th. Bright and very warm and no rain but thundered around in eve. I plowed cotton in Cherry cut with Salome in morn and Pa and Willie hoed in new SW corner and we didn't work in eve on account of heat. Gore bought Strawberry's stag 2 years old today.

Wed. 26th. Bright and warm till 2 1/4 and rained a heavy shower at 2 1/2 to 4 from SE with good deal of thunder and some wind. I plowed cotton on west side of Cherry cut with Salome in morn and Pa and Willie finished hoeing in new SW corner in morn. I gathered some figs and peaches at 1 to 2 and Willie carried them to Clara's late in eve. I carried Hattie to Lewis' for Rena at 4 1/2 in eve and went with Gordon and Nat and Effie to Estina branch late in eve.

Thu. 27th. Bright and warm till 3 1/2 and we had a heavy rain from SE at 4 to 5. I fixed spring and set 2 stakes in cow pen to fasten calves to in morn. Willie went fox hunting and they caught 2 in morn. I mended buggy harness and got some wood in eve before rain. Willie went with Gordon and Tigner to branch late in eve.

Fri. 28th. Bright and warm and no rain today. Pa and I put up steps to kitchen in morn and I took Rena to town on buggy with Hattie at 11 to 3 and Cousin Gus took Lucy on Jumper and Rena and Lucy rode in Jumper on to Uncle Gus' from town. Lewis Miller here at 11 to 4 in eve.

Sat. 29th. Bright and warm most of day and sprinkled rain late in eve. Willie rode Salome to Camp meeting early in morn and returned at dark. I gathered and peeled peaches for Nellie to preserve early in morn and brought in some corn and got wood and water and got everything ready for going to Camp meeting early tomorrow and killed a coon on spring branch late in eve at dusk.

Sun. 30th. Bright and warm all morn and we had a good shower at 1 in eve. Nellie and I drove Hattie to our buggy and Lewis and wife and baby went on their buggy to Camp meeting (at daylight) and we returned at dark. Dixie and Willie and Pa and Lewis' 3 oldest children here all day. I had a dull headache all yesterday and today and bad at night and vomited.

Mon. 31st. Bright and warm all day and clouded up and thundered around just at dark but didn't rain here. I lay down awhile early in morn with headache but it got better after breakfast and left me at 11. Willie rode Salome to Camp meeting early in morn and returned at 8 1/2 at night. Pa at Clara's most of day. I got some watermelons in field in morn.


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