JULY 1886

Sat. 10th. Bright and warm till 2. We had a good hard shower then from SE. I rode Lucy to Sims early in morn and again at 2 to 3 but Fiddler refused. I hoed cotton by front gate and finished E side at 7 1/2 to 11 and K. B. brought a black sow pig here at 11 which he bought from Dan for $2.50. Dan dined here and left at 2. Mr. D's boys got some potatoe vines at 2 to 2 3/4. The pig got out and went back in eve (out of cowpen). Willie and I cut and hauled in a load of green corn (on the stalk with ears) at 4 1/2 to 5 in eve.

Sun. 11th. Bright and warm all day till a dark cloud came up and had a slow shower from 6 to 8. I had a dull headache yesterday and started to vomit early in morn and lay in bed all day. I suffered till 4 in eve and drank a cup of coffee and ate a biscuit then and got up. Dixie and Willie went to Sunday School in morn.

Mon. 12th.

Tue. 13th. Bright and warm till 1 and cloudy, thundershowers passed around from N but only sprinkled here at 5 in eve. I scraped corn in Dewberry cut and finished by 10 3/4 in morn. ________ rode Lucy to Sims' but Fiddler refused. I hoed cotton by front gate all eve. Alice here at 1 1/2 to 3 1/2. __________ and Ma went out with Reuben and Nellie to Tigner's last night or late yesterday eve.

Wed. 14th. Bright and warm all day - hazy and warm - no rain. I plowed corn in Dewberry cut laying by with 4 furrows. I hoed some cotton in corner of ________ and by cowpen till 4 in eve and then hoed 6 rows by front gate next to pasture by 6 1/2. Nellie rode old J to Pa's and carried some peaches in eve. She heard that Mary was better.

Thu. 15th.

Fri. 16th.

Sat. 17th.

Sun. 18th.

Mon. 19th.

Tue. 20th.

Wed. 21st.

Thu. 22nd. Cloudy, dark and very warm. Thundershowers around from S but only sprinkled here in morn and again at 4 in eve. I hoed in new ground and finished peas and sugar cane by 8 3/4 and the cotton was so wet that I hoed in Willie's cotton by H ridge till 11 1/2. Willie, Rena and I gathered some peaches, about 4 to 5 bushels to sell, in eve.

Fri. 23rd. Cloudy most of day. Warm and showered from 11 to 1. A good rain altogether from NW without wind or thunder. I took the 4 or 5 bushels of peaches to town on cart early in morn and sold about 3 bushels in all. Gave Mr. B and Dr. Magruder some and got a few things and came home by 4 in eve. Dan here late in eve.

Sat. 24th. Bright till 2 and cloudy all eve and sultry but no rain. I hoed in Willie's cotton on poor E end of Gate cut by road, scraping down both sides of rows till 11 1/4 in morn. Mr. A Newman dined here and left at 3 in eve. Gus, Willie and I stomped some holes around Sims' pasture fence (Chunk got into field). I got young J from cow pasture and brought home some ears of corn in eve.

Sun. 25th. Warm and showered around but no rain here. Dixie and I rode to Sunday School. Willie stayed home. I came back. Jack Chambers got some figs at 1. Willie and I went to Pa's in eve and carried some peaches. Pa was there. He has been staying at Morgan's for 2 weeks. Ma is at Tigner's and has been for 2 weeks.

Mon. 26th. Bright and warm most of day. It sprinkled rain just after breakfast from NW. I hoed in Willie's cotton in E end of Gate cut till 11 1/2 in morn and __________ far corner of new ground most of eve. Dickie C got some peaches late in eve and Dan came late in eve and got some peaches and borrowed $3 from Nellie.

Tue. 27th. It rained a good hard shower from 6 to 7 in morn and cloudy most of day and sultry till 5 in eve and then we had a heavy rain from N with some close thunder. I trimmed Nellie's bureau drawers with my knife, I cleaned out spring and hoed fence corners by cowpen and pecan bed and hoed cotton in new ground till 11 3/4, and again in eve till 3 1/2. Mr. B Chambers came then and here till 6 in eve.

Wed. 28th. Bright and warm - wind from N - thundered and rained far off in SE most of eve. I cleaned out spring and fixed water gap and gathered a wallet of peaches and sent them to Cohen by Willie. He rode old J and sot some things at 8 to 11. Beverly Sims came in buggy and got some peaches at 8 to 9. I hoed in new ground at 9 to 10. Anthony Banford got some peaches at 11 to 11 1/2. I began and hoed cotton in Persimmon cut all eve.

Thu. 29th. Bright and quite warm - wind from SE. Rained far off in S in eve. I hoed cotton in new ground and finished last of it. Nellie and Rena went to Pa's in eve. I had a pain in right side of my head. It left me late in eve at dusk.

Fri. 30th. Bright and warm and no rain. I scraped my slip potatoes on H ridge all day and didn't finish quite 1/2 of patch scraped.

Sat. 31st. Bright and warm till 2 1/2 and clouded up then from SW but only sprinkled here then and cloudy balance of eve. I scraped 9 rows of slip potatoes on H ridge by 10 1/4 and Rena and I brought home some corn in ear by 11. I got up young J from cow pasture at 1 to 2 and then I rode old J to Ferguson's store in eve to convention and got some coffee and sugar and 2 pr stockings.


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