JULY 1882

Sat. July 1st. Bright and warm and damp SW wind and rained a light shower SW of here and dropped here at 3 in eve. I finished planting cotton on H ridge by 8 in morn and plowed in short rows in Persimmon cut till 11. Bud came in morn and stayed till 5 in eve. I put up a sassafras tree by gallery for morning glory vine late in eve.

Sun. 2nd. Bright and warm wind from the W, and thundered far off in SW in eve. All of us went to Sunday School in morn, came home to dinner. I got a bucket of ripe figs at 1, as many as all of us could eat (the 1st we've had). Nellie, Dixie and children went to Mr. D's and I to Pa's in eve. I carried some eggs to Ma and brought home some apples. Bud brought us some apples yesterday.

Mon. 3rd. Bright and very warm and thundered far off all last night and today, wind from W and getting dry. I plowed cotton in Persimmon cut all day, running 6 furrows and got up to within 3 rows of path, and turned rows on top of hill. It was very sultry and cloudy late in eve.

Tue. 4th. Bright and warm most of day, wind from NW. It thundered all last night and today far off. A cloud passed around NE at 3 and one W late in eve. I plowed cotton by Cherry stump till 11 in morn and rode to town in eve and got a slate for Willie and a 1/2 doz pencils, a Smith's grammar and a Robinson's arithmetic for Dixie from R & W. and paid for them. A set of cups and saucers from Lindenmayer and a pair of shoes for Nellie and a doz threads and a paper of pins from Kaiser. Paid for all and I got 5pds of sugar on credit from Kaiser.

Wed. 5th. Bright and pleasant and getting very dry. Wind cool and from N. No appearance of rain today. I stopped taking iron in morn. Our figs are ripe and plentiful. I plowed cotton E of Cherry stump in morn, I hammered and filed my plow at 1. I hoed 6 rows of cotton by front gate and Willie's popcorn and my potatoe bed in eve.

Thu. 6th. Hazy, pleasant and dry. I plowed in morn and finished Persimmon cut by 11, which is the last of my cotton except for Willie's patch, all being plowed over the 2nd time. I began by Spring gate and hoed over all of that part of patch of cotton by front gate, which I hoed 2 wks ago when I plowed it (which is nearly 1/2 of that cut) in eve.

Fri. 7th. Cloudy some all day and warmer and great appearance of rain and wind from SW. I arose with headache which was bad from 10 to 2 and it lasted all eve and night. I hoed till 10 in morn, carried a basket of figs to F. Coon at 3 and hoed in eve and finished all of cut by front gate but 2 pieces of rows.

Sat. 8th. Cloudy most of day. It rained a shower at 11, another light one at 3 and a good rain late in eve. All from SW. I hoed the 2 pieces of rows here by front gate and finished that cut of cotton and hoed in Gate cut and finished the 1st circle of short rows by road by 11. I carried a basket of figs to Mr. D's at 3 in eve. Pa came and we went to see my crop in eve. Jim Parker stopped here late in eve out of rain.

Sun. 9th. Cloudy some all day though the sun shined a good deal. Showers passed around from 11 till late in eve. It rained a slow rain for 2 hrs. in eve, but not enough to run. Dixie, Willie and I went to Sunday School in morn and came home to dinner. Nellie, Dixie and children went to Mr. D's in eve. I started to Pa's and got to creek - it looked quick sandy and it was threatening rain so I came back and rode around on gum ridge and back through my crop. Dan came in eve.

Mon. 10th. Bright till 1, then it rained a light shower, enough to run off house good. It was cloudy all eve. I bedded all short rows and 3 long ones in my Oat patch for potatoes with plow, and drew them up with hoe in morn and finished them by 11 1/2. I set out all of them in vines and draws but 4 rows in eve. I worked till sunset. Mr. Stephens and boys began to dig post holes from Harelson's pasture to NE corner of my orchard in morn and rain stopped them at 1. Anthony hauled posts through here all day. Alice and Clara came here in eve.

Tue. 11th. Bright till 2 and cloudy and sultry in eve. Showers passed around at 1 to 3 but only dropped here. I bedded 2 long rows in Oat patch with plow and set out draws on them and on 4 short rows and finished by 10 in morn. Mr. Stephens and Tommy dug Post holes by NE corner of my orchard all day. They dined here. I gathered a basket of figs for them at 2 1/2. I hoed some cotton in Gate cut in eve. I've had soreness in my left side for 3 or 4 days and put a blister plaster on it at night which blistered and kept me awake a good deal. I took 2 of Pierce's pills late in eve.

Wed. 12th. Cloudy most of day and thundered all around and showered nearly all day but none here. I arose long before day with blister on my side and opened it. I hoed cotton in Gate cut till 11 in morn. I carried some dinner to Mr. Stephens and boys at 12 1/2. I saw them put up some wire in eve (I didn't work any in eve). Lu's calf got out with her in morn. Dixie, Willie and I tried to drive them home in eve but couldn't.

Thu. 13th. It thundered all last night and a dark cloud came up from N at 9 in morn but only rained enough to run off the house here. Bright in eve. I hoed in Gate cut till 9 in morn, gathered a basket of figs for Seymour at 10 and carried some peaches to Mr. Stephens and boys by NE corner of my orchard at 11 and then rode to Pa's. Nellie, Dixie and children went there early in morn. We ate Bud's birthday dinner. Uncle Gus came while we were eating. I went with Mr. Sims to see his crop in eve and gathered a sk of eating boatcorn late in eve. I had little fever at night and bowels ran off. My left side and shoulder are sore and painful. I sweated a good deal at night.

Fri. 14th. It rained a slow rain at dark last night but not enough to run. Bright and warm till 3 1/2 in eve and then a dark cloud gathered S and SW of here but didn't rain here. I hoed all day in Gate cut of cotton. Nellie rode to Pa's in eve.

Sat. 15th. Bright and warm till 3 in eve and we had a good shower from SW at 4 in eve. I hoed cotton in Gate cut in morn. Clara got Julia to ride to town in morn and she Alice and Susannah came in eve. I went to creek with them late in eve and to see my crop. I am suffering with soreness and pains in both sides and both shoulders. I was feverish and painful at night and took 2 Pierce's pills and put blister on my right side in the night.

Sun. 16th. Bright till 1, cloudy, thundered and showered around from then till night. It sprinkled several times here but not enough to run. Dixie and Willie went to Sunday School. I stayed about the house all day, suffered in morn with blister on my right side and contraction of chest and sides. I cannot expand my chest at all. Bud here most of eve.

Mon. 17th. Bright till 12, showered around close from then till 4. It rained enough to run altogether here. I hoed cotton in Gate cut on end toward Mr. D's in morn. I gathered a sk of boatcorn at 3 and scraped 4 rows of slips (some of the 1st set out) next to H ridge. I am suffering with contraction of chest and had cramping pains in my right side and was feverish at night.

Tue. 18th. Bright till 1, and a cloud gathered in SW at 3 and we had a heavy rain with some wind from SW and some thunder (the ground is thoroughly wet now). I hoed cotton on W end of Gate cut till 11. Annie Coon came at 3 to get a spool of thread and was here till after the rain. I rode in field after rain. I am still suffering with cramping pain in my right side and can not draw a long breath. The blistered place on my right side is raw and very painful.

Wed. 19th. Bright till 12 and cloud came up from SW at 1 but only sprinkled here. Bright most of eve. I fixed spring and water gaps early and hoed cotton in Gate cut on SW corner in morn till 11. Bud here most of eve. I got sk of boatcorn late in eve and cut up some wood. Lewis borrowed my ax in morn. I suffered all day with blistered place on my right side which is raw, and sore and painful, also with contraction of chest, and cramping pains in both sides just under ribs.

Thu. 20th. Bright and warm till 12, cloud came up from SW then rained slowly for 1 hour-enough to run, cloudy some all eve. I hoed in Gate cut SW corner most of day. Bud, Alice and baby here all day. Dan and Clara went to Uncle Gus' to picnic in morn. The cramping pain in my sides seems to be better today, but I had dull headache in eve and all night and was very feverish at night. Willie went home with Bud and Alice in eve.

Fri. 21st. Bright and warm till 1, and cloud came up from S at 2 and rained enough to run. I scraped 4 rows of my oldest slips, bedded 3 long and 1 short row for slips in morn. Whipped Julia because she didn't want to work. I had headache all last night and today till 2. It was bad from 10 till 12. Nellie and Eliza washed in morn. I drew up the 4 potatoe rows in eve and cut vines from the oldest slips and set out all of the 4 rows but 1.

Sat. 22nd. Cloudy, damp and had several sprinkles of rain through the day. I set out 1 row of slips, and hoed cotton on SW end of Gate cut till 10 in morn. I washed and shaved and fixed to go to town at noon but weather looked so threatening that I didn't go. I carried a basket of peaches to Mr. Sims at 4 in eve but he had gone to town. I was feverish at night and still suffering with pain and soreness in my left side and contraction of chest.

Sun. 23rd. Cloudy some all day though sun shined good deal. The weather is pleasant. It thundered and showered around far off most of day and rained a good shower here late in eve. All of us went to Sunday School in morn. Mr. Brown preached and went with all of us to Pa's to dinner. Sam H. and Schotel came there in eve. We just got home before the rain in eve.

Mon. 24th. Bright and pleasant, no appearance of rain, wind from NE. I went to town in morn and got 10 machine needles for 25 cts,

and a slate for Rena and a pink calico dress for Dixie from Miss Supple and 3 yds waterproof for myself and 25 cts soap, and 25 cts lye from Kaiser and 10 pds sugar from Morgans' and 1 doz thread from Lindenmayers' and returned at 11 1/2. I hoed cotton in hollow on H ridge in eve. Mary Turner hoed all day and Cornelia in eve in Persimmon cut to pay for sewing.

Tue. 25th. Bright and pleasant, wind from NE. Hoed all day in Willie's patch which is very grassy and hoed greater part of it. Cornelia hoed all day in Persimmon cut and paid all that she owed for sewing and 25 cts over which I paid to her at night. Misses Carrie and Lucy Chambers here all day. Mr. Stephens and boys got some peaches here at 1 1/2.

Wed. 26th. Cloudy and threatened rain all day and did sprinkle several times in morn and in eve. I finished hoeing Willie's cotton by 9, and hilled 5 rows of oldest slips with hoe by 11. F Coon here at 11 1/2 and ate some figs and peaches. Charles came at 1 and got some peaches. I hilled the other 3 rows of oldest slips in eve and scraped 2 rows of 2nd planting.

Thu. 27th Bright till 11 and began then to shower around and cloud came up from SW at 1 and rained a slow rain here from 1 1/2 till 4 but not enough to run. I shot a coon in an ash tree early in morn. I finished scraping my 2nd planting of slips by 10 in morn and hoed little of cotton on H ridge till 11. I did not work in eve. Nellie, Children and Dixie went to Mr. D's in eve.

Fri. 28th. Cloudy and dropped rain at 8 in morn and rained light shower from W at 12. F. Coon brought us a nice piece of mutton early. I hoed cotton on H ridge on end by pine in morn and by plum trees in eve. I took 2 Pierce's pills last night. They had a picnic by Womack's today. Nellie and Willie rode to Pa's in eve.

Sat. 29th. Bright and warm in morn and cloudy all eve. It rained around at 1, 2 and 3 but none here. I hoed in cotton on H ridge on end next to pines till 10 in morn. Pa came then. I went home with him and borrowed 15 pds of flour from Ma late in eve. Tigner was there. F Coon and Henry came late in eve and got some peaches.

Sun. 30th. Bright and warm till 12. Rained a good little shower at 1 from S. All of us went to Sunday School and all dined at Mr. D's. Lee Lawson and Jimmy Stephens there. Cloudy all eve and warm.

Mon. 31st. Bright till 1 and showers passed around all eve but only dropped here. Willie and I went on cart to town in morn. I got a bbl of flour, 5 pds coffee, and gal oil from Kaiser on credit and a box of alt pills from R&W. I carried our old clock to town but brought it back as I carried it. We returned at 2. I opened the bbl of flour, nailed some tin in the bbl to catch rats, gathered a sk of corn and fixed some locust blocks under one of our water bbls in eve. I suffered from cramping pains in my right side and across my bowels most of day.


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