JULY 1880

Thu. July 1st. Bright and warm and thundered far off in eve. I plowed in cotton in Cherry tree cut and got up in wire grass in eve. They had a picnic over at the creek.

Fri. 2nd. Bright and warm. I plowed cotton by Cherry stump in wire grass in morn. I cooked dinner. Mrs. D sick and sent for Nellie at 11 1/2. I went to Morgan's in eve to carry some dresses.

Sat. 3rd. Bright and hot and getting dry. I plowed in morn and finished all of oldest cotton but short rows by young ones, I harrowed and replowed 8 slip rows here by gate and drew up 2 of them with hoe in eve. Jack hoed flowers and garden today. Mr. Sims came at dark and assessed me.

Sun. 4th. Bright, warm and dry. I went by Mr. Sims' to see his cotton in garden. Nellie, children and I stayed at Pa's all day. He and Bud gone to Tigners'.

Mon. 5th. Bright, warm and dry. I commenced to plow my cotton on H ridge in morn and plowed there all day. E Lewis came in eve to take census. It thundered in S in eve.

Tue. 6th. Bright and warm in morn and thundered near and cloud ran me home at 4 1/2. I plowed in cotton on H ridge till then and finished all there but little patch on right. It didn't rain only dropped. I picked some whip Peas (not quite dry), the first I have picked, late in eve.

Wed. 7th. Bright and hot in morn and dark cloud passed around E at 2. It only sprinkled here. Clara here all day and took pup home with her. I plowed and finished little patch and some in Cherry tree cut by wire grass in morn. I picked some peas and scraped 2 rows of slips by road in eve.

Thu. 8th. Cloudy and sprinkled slowly from 2 to 4 but not enough to wet the ground any. I scraped 1 slip row in morn and hoed 5 rows of cotton by oat patch in morn and hilled 3 slip rows by road with hoe in eve. Susan and Mary Turner hoed all day and George, Mary and Ann Atkins in eve.

Fri. 9th. Bright in morn and cloud came up from SW at 1 1/2 but we only had light shower. I plowed in cotton and finished Cherry tree cut in morn. Will Jenkins and wife, George A and wife, and Charlie T and wife hoed and finished all of my cotton but Dewberry cut by 11. I altered my boar in morn. I plowed and drew up 2 slip rows by garden in eve. I pulled the 1st watermelon in eve.

Sat. 10th. Bright and warm in morn. I helped Ned Grover drive a beef by here early and took cart to town and carried 6 chicks and jug of milk to Mr. Drake and got pair of shoes for Clara and gal syrup and 1/2 doz thread from E&L in morn. Buddy here in eve. I picked some peas and 2 watermelon.

Sun. 11th. Bright and warm and dry. Nellie and Rena at Mr. D's all day. Willie and I went to Pa's in eve and got a basket of apples. Mary and Joe Miller here in eve.

Mon. 12th. It threatened but only sprinkled in eve. I plowed cotton in Dewberry cut in morn and hoed Plum corner in eve. Nellie went for Ma at 1 to see about machine. We cut 2 watermelons. Billy Spence at Mr. D's late in eve.

Tue. 13th. It rained hard rains at 10 1/2 and 12 from NE with wind, thunder and some hail. The heaviest we have had since winter. George A and I plowed in Dewberry cut of my cotton. Mary and Ann hoed there till 10 1/2. I fixed spring and water gap and set out 2 rows of slips and picked some peas late in slow rain. Nellie sick.

Wed. 14th. Bright most of day, rained light shower at 4 1/2. I set out 4 rows of slips in morn (all that is drawn up). I had my plow laid and sharpened and went to Pa's to tell Dan that Dennis had come late in eve.

Thu. 15th. Bright most of day - no rain. George, Mary and Ann A hoed and plowed and we finished Dewberry cut of my cotton by 10 1/2. I had sick headache all eve, and I picked some peas and 2 large watermelons in eve.

Fri. 16th. Bright in morn and had light shower from SE in eve. I was sick all last night and vomited a good deal this morn. I did nothing today. I commenced to take T & C pills at noon.

Sat. 17th. Cloudy some, threatened rain at 1 but only sprinkled. I plowed and drew up 4 slip rows by garden in morn. Alice and Clara here in morn and we cut a fine watermelon. They took Willie and Rena back to Pa's at 11. I planted some fresh tomato and watermelon seed in eve (all of my oldest part of patch) and picked some peas. Jane Luckett here in eve.

Sun. 18th. Bright and warm. Nellie, children and I dined at Pa's. Alice and Mr. D there. Pa and I went to Mr. R Leatherman's funeral in eve.

Mon. 19th. Bright in morn and we had slow rain from 3 to 5 from W. I plowed and finished breaking up my oat ground by 5 in eve and picked some peas late in eve.

Tue. 20th. Cloudy most of day and sprinkled rain at 9 to 10. I harrowed my oat ground and picked some peas in morn. I rode to Clarissa's and Pa's in eve and picked some peas late in eve.

Wed. 21st. Cloudy all day and rained a slow rain at 5 1/2 till in night. I planted my oat ground in whip peas in morn (part in hull). Pa and Bud came to go to preaching and F Coon and Annie and Mr. Sims stopped here but we didn't go to preaching. I had a cold.

Thu. 22nd. It commenced to rain at 4 in morn and lasted till 9 - a heavy rain. Nulty came and saw my crop and dined here. I set out 4 rows (the last) of slips by garden in eve. Bud came and he and F Coon went to Methodist Church late in eve. I am hoarse with cold.

Fri. 23rd. Cool and cloudy. I took 8 dresses to Morgan's for Babe and Sis and went on to town and got 5 pds of coffee and veil and 1 1/2 yds of ribbon (blue) for Nellie and paid Kaiser $2 of the $6.85 that I owe him in morn. I scraped some of my slips and grated some corn late in eve.

Sat. 24th. Bright and cool, NE wind. I finished scraping the 6 slip rows by old potatoes by 10 1/2 in morn and plowed 4 furrows and hilled with hoe the 3 rows by road in eve and picked some peas. Dan came and took the children home with him in eve.

Sun. 25th. Bright most of day but thundered and threatened rain in eve. Nellie, Bud, Mr. D's children and I went to Methodist Church in morn. Rode D's horse. Bud dined here. Clarissa minded house for us. Nellie and I rode to Pa's in eve and brought home Willie and Rena.

Mon. 26th. Bright and warm. A cloud came up late in eve but didn't rain. I hoed and picked the grass out of my old potatoes and finished by 4. I hoed my pepper and picked some peas. I grated some corn for dinner. Catherine Higgins here late in eve.

Tue. 27th. Bright and warm in morn and threatened rain in eve. I hoed up grass in yard from cowpen to henhouse. Eliza helped me pack it out in eve. I took dose of salts and cin at dinner and was unwell all day.

Wed. 29th. It rained a heavy rain at 12 last night and most of this morn. I killed an opossum in henhouse at 11 last night. I fixed spring and commenced to hoe grass by henhouse in morn, but it rained. Nuky got some potatoevines in the morn. I hoed up all grass on E side of house in eve. Buddy brought me a glass of preserves.

Fri. 30th. Bright and warm in morn and had light shower at 6 1/2 in eve. I hauled out all of grass that I hoed up yesterday on road in morn and worked road there in eve. Pa and Ma came by here at 9 1/2 on way to Morgan's.

Sat. 31st. Bright and warm, cloudy some in eve late. I made a chicken coop for Nellie in morn. Mr. D. came at 10. He is unwell. I grated some corn for dinner and got sack of eating corn in Cane hollow in eve. Ma and Bud came by on way from Morgan's in eve.. Ma rode Julia.


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