Thu. Feb. 1st. Cloudy and began to rain slowly at 7 in morn and lasted all day and part of night from SW. We were in house most of day. I covered our old buggy collar with new lowells and made new plow collar and mended another (all day) on Pa's gallery. Mrs. Baker still here.

Fri. 2nd. Cloudy and warm from SW all day. Pa, Willie and I worked on new buggy shed all morn. I rived the boards and Willie covered shed and Bud came at 10 and helped us till 12 and we finished covering the shed then. Bud and Willie went fox hunting in eve and Pa and I ceiled up N end of shed in eve.

Sat. 3rd. Cloudy and warm from SW and wind high most of eve and rained in sprinkles at 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 and rained hard at 6 1/2 - wind changed to NW. Pa. Willie and I ceiled up E side of new buggy shed in morn and finished at 10 - packed and cut up some wood by 11 1/2. I fixed 2 pairs of Hames in eve and hurt my right leg on calf of it with a stick of wood late in eve.

Sun. 4th. Cold and cloudy from N all morn and clear in eve. All of us home all day. Wiley and Leroy DeLoach here most of day. Bud and Nat here in eve. My leg is better but I cannot bear my weight on it.

Mon. 5th. Bright, a freeze in morn and a very white frost, but warmer in eve. Willie and I cut and hauled wood from calf pasture all morn - 4 loads and I hauled 4 more in eve. Pa and Willie cleaned up in new SW corner in eve. Misses Cook and Grace Chambers here all day.

Tue. 6th. Cloudy but bright - a light freeze in morn but warmer in eve. Pa and Willie cleaning off ground in SW corner all day. I lay in bed and vomited with headache till 2 in eve and got up then but was quite sick all eve and till late in night.

Wed. 7th. Cloudy and warm from S and rained in little sprinkles all through the day but not enough to stop work. Pa and Willie cleaning off ground in field most of day. I hauled 9 full cartloads of cow manure and put in little piles in new garden by 12 and plowed up garden solidly and harrowed it in eve (all with Hattie). William Walker came at 11 in morn and got 300 of cane for 3 bbls. of corn.

Thu. 8th. It began to shower from SW before day and lasted till 9 with a high wind and bright and high SW wind in eve. I assorted some potatoes in old potatoe house and cut up some wood in morn and I drove Hattie to buggy to Cohen's in eve and got 1 bu. Irish potatoes and some other things. Pa and Willie worked in field in eve.

Fri. 9th. Cloudy some but bright and pleasant from SW. Willie cut and rolled logs in new SW corner most of day and Pa deadened trees in field and hollow. I hauled 10 cartloads of cow manure from pen and put in NE corner of orchard by 12 and Dixie and I scattered it at 2 to 2 3/4 and I plowed nearly all under (with Hattie). Steve Luckett's wagon came and got 500 of cane and stopped me. Tom Stewart got 300 early in morn.

Sat. 10th. Cloudy and cool, but bright till in eve and got dark cloudy at 2 and began to rain in showers from SW at 4 and lasted nearly all night - a heavy fall of water in all. Willie and I planted our Irish potatoes (1 bu.) in morn by 10 3/4 in NE corner of orchard. I rode Salome to Stewart place and Primm's in eve by 4. Willie let a wagon from Dr. Woods' place have 400 of cane in eve.

Sun. 11th. It rained and blew good deal all last night and cloudy all today from S. All of us home in morn. Nellie walked to Lewis' in eve and I walked to Clara's.

Mon. 12th. It rained and thundered and blew a good deal from SW last night and quite cool from NW today and clear all eve. Pa, Willie and I killed and salted down the 2 Iler Bethley pigs (spotted barrows) by 11 in morn and got some wood by 12. Pa deadened trees in field in eve and I cut little trees on fence row from pasture bars W to corner. Willie helped me some after carrying some meat to Clara's.

Tue. 13th. A freeze in morn but cloudy and a little warmer in eve from E. Willie and I worked big road S of here in morn by 10 1/2 and got some wood by 11 1/2 and we planted some sugar cane on NW side of orchard in eve. I worked Hattie all day. Pa threshed stalks in field most of day. Bud and Gordon here late in eve to see about getting some sugar cane on tomorrow.

Wed. 14th. Cloudy and chilly and dropped and sprinkled rain all morn and quit raining at 12 1/2 and colder in eve (all from N.). I gathered a sack of dead moss in morn early and Bud came at 9 1/4 with Andrews' 2 wagons and brought me 5 bbls. Fishburn seed and got 700 of cane and left at 11 1/4. I picked and cleaned moss most of eve and Pa and I got some wood. Willie fox hunting in eve.

Thu. 15th. Clear, a freeze in morn and ice in shade all day - wind cold from N. Pa, Willie and I packed some wood in morn and I stuffed a horsecollar with moss and sewed sticks in 3 new lowells back bands in morn. Pa walked to Alice's in eve and Willie cut 2 bays NW of Spring gate and hunted Dick colt. I cut bushes and briars on roadside awhile in eve. Lucy McGraw here in eve and at night.

Fri. 16th. Bright but cloudy some - a hard freeze in morn but all thawed off by 12 and warmer in eve from SE. Willie and I cut and split gum log by cow pen and hauled 4 cartloads of wood from it by 11. Bud and Gordon came at 9 1/2 and we stripped 400 of cane for them by 12 and Henry Yerby came then and got it. Bud and Gordon and Miss Katie Ferguson dined here. Lucy McGraw left at 11. I drove Hattie to buggy to Cohen's in eve.

Sat. 17th. Cloudy and dropped and showered rain most of day and night from S. Willie fox hunting all morn. I rode Hattie to Cohen's in morn and returned with our new buggy in rain at 12 1/4. The buggy cost $63.50 and the harness cost $7.50. Gussie got 1 rooster and 3 hens from here late in eve.

Sun. 18th. Bright and warm from W - a beautiful Spring day. Pa and Willie at Clara's all day. Dixie and Rena drove Hattie to new buggy to town to church in morn. Gussie and wife here all day and Cousin Mary and children here in eve.

Mon. 19th. Cloudy and showered most of morn from SW and warm and bright in eve. I sewed on bridles (plow) most of morn. Pa, Willie and I finished cutting briars and bushes on roadside toward pasture bars at 9 1/2 to 10 3/4. Willie and I hauled 4 cartloads of manure from stable in eve and put on H ridge and I made a hickory spade handle late in eve (I broke old one). Pa cut sprouts in field in eve.

Tue. 20th. It rained some last night and cloudy and wet and warm today from SW and began to rain in sprinkles at dark and lasted through the night. Pa and Willie went all around the cow pasture wire fence in morn and Pa gathered moss in eve and Willie worked on orchard wire fence on E side. I assorted all potatoes in old stable house in morn and put up a new box in it in eve for a stable. Gussie brought 10 bbls. corn here in morn and I paid him $5 for it. Nellie rode Hattie to Clara's in eve.

Wed. 21st. Dark, cloudy and drizzled all day from the N. after 9 in morn and chilly in eve. We didn't work except get wood. Willie fox hunting most of day. I padded cart saddle with lowells and moss in morn. Nellie and I took sugar out of whiskey barrel and reboiled and strained it in eve.

Thu. 22nd. Cloudy and misted rain all day from the N. and very chilly and rained all night. I made 2 hickory singletrees and took irons from old ones and put on them in morn. Pa and Willie cut and split some bay wood just outside of gate in fig orchard in morn and I hauled it in eve with Hattie (5 cartloads) and I cut a holly toward cowpen for cows.

Fri. 23rd. It rained slowly all morn and drizzled all eve and night and nearly cold enough to freeze all day from NE. I sewed on horse collars and bridle all morn and Willie and I cut 2 little bays and 2 hollys beyond spring for cows at 1 to 2 and I packed and cut up wood and fed balance of eve.

Sat. 24th. Cloudy and drizzled rain all day and everything covered with ice and ground slightly frozen and didn't thaw any all day. Wind from NE. Willie rode Salome to Cohen's in morn and he killed robins in eve. I had a dull headache most of last night and lay in bed and vomited till 3 in eve and got up then and fed everything and went to bed before night again and headache got better late in night.


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