Mon. Feb. 1st. Bright and pleasant. Pa, Willie and I cut and hauled 5 cart loads of wood from calf pasture with Hattie in morn. Pa and Willie cut another white oak toward Coon place for boards in eve. I hauled a full cart load of moss for mattresses from calf pasture in eve and let 2 darkies have 500 of seed cane. --- Wigner here all eve.

Tue. 2nd. Bright and pleasant. I had fever and headache and swollen right arm from sore right hand all last night and didn't sleep and lay in bed and vomited all today with headache and some fever. Pa and Willie split out board timber all day.

Wed. 3rd. Bright, pleasant and dry. I rode Hattie to Mr. Sims' early in morn and got 2 bu S-Hope cotton seed (McGehee's) for 3 dollars. Fayette Bentley came in morn and got 150 for cotton seed and 2 1/2 gal of syrup for 1 dollar. Willie and I hauled some of board timber from near Coon place to our bars on roadside. Pa walked to Estina and borroweed crosscut saw in eve.

Thu. 4th. Bright but cloudy some and dry and pleasant. Pa and Willie sawed off 2 cuts of white oak toward Coon place and made 4 blocks and I hauled all of blocks and board timber from there to bars on roadside by 12 and hauled all home in eve with Hattie and cart. Mrs. Wheat and 2 of her little boys here all day.

Fri. 5th. Cloudy but bright and warm. Lewis came early in morn and hauled in all of logs and flooring and lathing timber and rafters for our cotton house by 2 1/2. He dined here. Anthony and Henry Banford got 500 of cane for cotton seed at 1 1/2 to 3 and Hey Walker got 200 late in eve.

Sat. 6th. Warm and cloudy and rained slowly in eve at 2 to 3 from SE. All of our folks except Pa and myself at Seymour's all last night at "Sociable". Cousin Tom and Dan and Bud ate breakfast here and left at 9. 2 wagons came at at 9 1/2 to 11 1/2 in morn and got 550 of cane and 2 gal of syrup. I put up 4 new bbls on west side of hen house and made new nests in them at 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 and hunted Lu's and Strawberry's heifers (both have calves) late in eve but didn't find them.

Sun. 7th. Cloudy and sprinkled rain some in morn and some in eve and rained heavily at night from SW. Willie rode Hattie and I Salome and hunted 2 young cows with calves and we drove up Lu's red heifer with a red heifer calf at 8 1/2 and found Strawberry's heifer but didn't find the calf. I wrote some letters today. Nellie in bed most of today with headache.

Mon. 8th. Cloudy and sprinkled and dropped rain most of day from NE. Willie and I drove Ida, Strawberry's heifer, to her calf in Dewberry cut and it was dead and we drove her back home and Dixie and I let Dixie's little motherless calf (about 2 weeks old) suck her at 8 1/2 in morn. Willie and I sawed up board timber - some in morn and some in eve - for cotton house and Pa barked timber most of day.

Tue. 9th. Bright and cool in morn and cloudy in eve. I took a 1/2 bbl on cart to Lewis' early in morn and got 16 to 18 gal of syrup coming to me. 2 darkies came in morn and got some cane for seed and 2 came in eve and got some. I drove Hattie to Cohens' in eve and got some things and sent off 2 letters for seeds and bought 5 bu shelled corn which I paid cash for (60 cts. per bu). Pa and Willie rived some boards and barked some of cotton house timber some in morn and some in eve.

Wed. 10th. Cloudy but bright and pleasant. Pa and Willie sawed off ends of logs and I rived boards and flooring for cotton house most of day. 2 wagons came in morn and got cane. Nellie rode Hattie to Clara's in eve.

Thu. 11th. Clear, a little frost in morn, and a beautiful and pleasant day. Pa, Willie and I set up foundation of our cotton house and laid one half of floor today. 3 wagons came in morn and got 675 of cane. Willie went to Lewis' early in morn and brought home the "Ray pony".


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