Sun. Dec. 27th. Bright, nearly clear - a freeze and white frost in morn - but a calm and dry and pleasant day after 10 in morn. Willie rode Joe to Union church in morn and Breland preached - his 1st time there. Dan and Tigner D and B.C. and W.D. here in eve and B.C. left at dark and W.D. at 8 1/2 at night.

Mon. 28th. Cloudy a little frost in morn but wind from S and warmer in eve and sprinkled rain a little at 3 1/2 to 4 in eve. Willie helped Seymour and other boys to work on his house all day. I drove Hattie to town in morn and met Tigner N there and Gordon too and I brought Gordon home. He has been at Tigner's since last Sat a week ago. Cousin Gus brought Pa to town and he went home with Tigner. Pa went home with Cousin Gus on last Saturday eve. I cut up some wood and packed some in eve at 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 in eve. Gussie D came home with Willie late in eve and stayed all night.

Tue. 29th. Cloudy all day from SE but bright and sun shined some and dry and cool too. Willie helped Seymour (and other boys) to cover his house and they finished roof late in eve. Miss Grace C here all day and at night too. I threshed out 5 or 6 bus peas in morn (for Sims') and I winnowed and measured and sacked 10 bus in eve - he wants 20 bus. - and I cut up wood and fed. W.D. here late in eve and till 8 1/2 at night.

Wed. 30th. Bright and dry and pleasant from SE and some dark spots of clouds late in eve. Willie and I threshed and winnowed peas till 3 1/2 in eve and Mr. Sims brought 30 bbls of corn here at 3 3/4 to 4 3/4 in eve and changed it for peas. He got 21 1/2 bus. and is to bring 1 1/2 bbls more of corn on tomorrow. Miss Grace C left in eve.

Thu. 31st. It began to rain slowly from SE in morn and got harder till 10 1/2 and quit at 12 and warm and cloudy some but bright most of eve. I harnessed up Hattie to buggy and caught Joe to ride to town early in morn. I was going to ride Joe and Nellie was to drive Hattie to town (and to


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