Sun. Dec. 1st. Cloudy and dropped and sprinkled rain from S till 10 in morn and wind high till 2 in eve and rained hard most of eve from SW and W and quit before sunset and cleared off. All of us home all morn. Pa walked to Clara's and back in eve. Mrs. Morris died at Hill place in morn and I took Nellie there in buggy with Hattie in eve and Nellie stayed and I came back all way in rain but didn't get wet. I stopped at Clara's on way back and got home just before sunset. W.D. here all day and B.C. here in eve and they left at 8 at night.

Mon. 2nd. Cloudy and cold from N all morn and bright all eve and cleared off at 3 in eve. I drove Hattie to Hill place in morn and brought Nellie home by 10 3/4 . Pa and Willie packed up some beech wood from orchard in morn and both went to Clara's and back in morn. Bud dined here and he and Dixie and Willie and Rena drove Hattie and all went to Mrs. M. Morris' burial in eve. Pa and I picked 30 of cotton in orchard in eve. Ma seems better today. Gussie and W.D. ate supper here.

Tue. 3rd. Clear and cold from N. - a hard freeze and white frost in morn. Pa walked to Clara's and back in morn and Ma seems better and Pa and I scraped some cotton in Cane hollow at 9 1/2 to 11 1/2 and again in eve at 1 to 3 1/2 and Willie picked some in orchard during same hours. Willie and I picked some beech wood in orchard early in morn. Willie and I tried to catch Gussie's boar in our co


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