Fri. Dec. 1st. Bright and pleasant, but some rainy looking clouds. Willie and I hauled 1 load of cane to mill early in morn and we ground till 12 1/4 and I hauled 2 loads more at 1 1/4 to 2 1/4 with Hattie and Flirt and we ground till dark with Larry and Tyler and finished grinding all hauled. Pa picked cotton all day in Sims' field (on halves).

Sat. 2nd. Cloudy and sprinkled rain from S at 10 1/2 to 11 and at 1 and rained heavily at night with some wind and thunder and changed to NW late at night. Willie and I hauled 2 loads of cane to mill early in morn and I hauled 1 load at 1 and we finished grinding the 3 loads at 3 1/2 and finished cooking it before night. I had a dull headache and began vomiting at dusk and kept it up all night and slept none.

Sun. 3rd. Cold and cloudy from NW and cleared off late in eve. My headache got better early in morn and left me at noon. Bud here all day. Willie rode Hattie to Primm's in eve to see about carrying our 2 half-breed sows there.

Mon. 4th. Clear, a hard freeze in morn and ice all day in shade and wind from N.. Willie and I hauled 2 wagon loads of wood to mill and 2 loads here from new SW corner and we hauled our barrel nearly full of molasses home by 11 1/2 and we hauled our 2 half-breed sows to Primm's in eve. We worked Hattie and Flirt all day.

Tue. 5th. Clear, a hard freeze in morn, but wind from S and warmer in eve. I drove Hattie to buggy to town in morn and got a whiskey barrel from Sandman and returned at 11 3/4. Willie rode Joe fox hunting in morn and he and I hauled 3 loads of cane to mill in eve with Hattie and Flirt.

Wed. 6th. A slight freeze in morn and cloudy and chilly from SE and began to rain slowly at 9 1/2 and lasted till 3 in eve. Wind from NE and very chilly. Willie and I hauled 1 load of cane (and last) to mill early in morn with Hattie and Flirt and we ground with them till 10 1/2 and rain stopped us and they finished cooking all ground by 1 in eve. Bud came early in morn and helped us and dined here. Our 4 little shoats got in yard and I put them back in pen in eve at 3.

Thu. 7th. Bright and quite cool and chilly NE wind. Willie and I ground cane all morn and we finished grinding at 11 1/2 with Hattie and Flirt and they finished cooking in eve. Bud helped us all day and dined here and I rode his horse to Cohen's in eve at 1 to 3 1/2 to see about ginning. We hauled our last barrel of molasses with Hattie and cart late in eve and we made about 100 gal. molasses in all.

Fri. 8th. Bright, a hard freeze in morn, but wind from S and warmer in eve. Willie rode Joe fox hunting early in morn. Cohen sent 3 wagons early in morn (and sent seed) and they carried my last 2 bales and Pa's and Willie's bale to Cohen's and we got through after sunset. Pa and I drove Hattie to buggy and I sold to Cohen at 7 5/8.

Sat. 9th. Cloudy and rained a sprinkle at 8 1/2 in morn and clear and pleasant from NW balance of day. I rode Hattie to Primm's early in morn and got Lev Dawson's wagon to bring our 2 half-breed pigs from Primm's by 11. I drove Hattie to buggy to Cohen's in eve.

Sun. 10th. Clear and calm and pleasant, but cool. All of us home till after dinner. Dixie and Rena rode Hattie and Flirt (with Seymour on Larry) to Ed Ogden's (at Voiden place) in eve. Willie and I walked to Clara's in eve and brought Salome home from Sims' place late in eve.

Mon. 11th. Bright and pleasant from SE. Nellie and Clara and Effie drove Hattie to our buggy and I rode Salome to town at 8 3/4 to 2 3/4.

Tue. 12th. Foggy till 9 1/2 and wet and bright some till late in eve and rained in showers from NW at 5 to 8 1/2 in eve and warm. Pa rode Hattie to Alice's in morn. Willie and I cut wood in NW corner of orchard till 10 in morn and covered 1 rick of cane with fodder by 11 3/4 and I hauled 8 cartloads of wood with Hattie from orchard in eve. Mrs. Lottie Fugler and Jimmy and Mrs. Mag McGraw and Lucy here at night.

Wed. 13th. Cloudy and quite cool from NE all day. Mrs. McGraw and Lucy left in morn and Mrs. Fugler and Jim in eve. I drove Hattie to Cohen's at 10 1/4 to 1 1/4 (in buggy) and carried 1 bu. potatoes to Mrs. Johnson and settled with Cohen and cleared $7 and borrowed $20 more to pay debts in Woodville.

Thu. 14th. Foggy and wet most of morn and bright and pleasant from SE in eve. I rode Hattie to town in morn and drew $20 on a draft from bank and paid Adams and Dr. McGehee and $3.50 taxes on my land to Van Eaton and returned at 1 3/4. Willie and I got up Joe and a dozen cattle from Sims' field in eve late.

Fri. 15th. Cloudy, but bright and pleasant, but wind from S all day and changed to NW at midnight and blew very hard for a few minutes and rained for balance of night. John Fosselman came early in morn and bought 5 head of poor cattle (old Nora and 3 of her calves and 1 grandcalf) and paid me $15 for them and left them here. Pa and I hauled cane fodder and covered 4 ricks and last of our cane today.

Sat. 16th. Bright and cool from NW. Willie fox hunting most of day and at night again. Florida F. came home with him at 2 1/2 to 5 in eve. Pa and I patched up flower garden and front pickets till 10 and I packed all of manure from henhouse and put around trees in orchard by 12 and Pa and I got 9 sassafras poles and put them up in henhouse by 2 1/2 in eve and I got 2 baskets of hay in orchard and put on potatoes under cotton house.

Sun. 17th. Clear, a frost in morn and wind quite cool from NW. All of us home in morn and Nellie and I walked to Clara's in eve. Tigner and Mary there and left at 2 1/2. Seymour here in eve till dusk and I bargained for 40 bbls. corn with him.

Mon. 18th. Clear, a slight freeze and white frost in morn, but wind from S and warmer in eve. Willie and I bought 40 bbls. corn from Seymour at 50 cts. and we hauled all of it in 3 loads with Hattie and Thurman by 12 and Mr. Sims hauled a ton of hay to us (which I bought) in morn. Clara and her 2 little children here all day. Nellie making a dress for her.

Tue. 19th. Bright, nearly clear and cool - wind from NW. Nellie and I drove Hattie to town in morn and returned at 3 1/2 in eve.

Wed. 20th. Bright, nearly clear, and cool and beautiful weather. Willie and I cut and split some rails E of orchard and fixed some of fence on that side putting rails at bottom to stop out our pigs (in morn). Bud and Clara came after dinner and Alvin with his wagon and Nellie, Dixie, Rena and Clara went on wagon and Willie on Salome and all went to Jack DeLoach's to Gussie's wedding(at 3 in eve they left here).

Thu. 21st. Bright, nearly clear, a white frost in morn, but a beautiful and pleasant day. All came home from wedding at 9 1/4 in morn. I worked on orchard fence on E and NE side some in morn and some in eve putting rails at bottom and finished it by 3 and measured up 2 bus. yams for market late in eve. Pa has been sick all the week but seems to be better today.

Fri. 22nd. Bright, quite cool early in morn, but pleasant and dry in eve. I killed a spotted sow shoat early in morn. Pa and Willie cleaned and cut it up. I drove Hattie to Cohen's to buggy and carried 2 bus. yams to Mrs. Johnson and got 10 lbs. coffee and 1 box soap on credit and some other things which I paid for and returned at 11 1/4. I hauled 7 cartloads wood in eve with Hattie.

Sat. 23rd. Foggy and wet till 9 1/2 and bright and pleasant from S balance of day. I drove Hattie to town in morn and Gordon went in buggy with me and I met Tigner in town and we got Christmas for Clara's children. I brought Nat out with Gordon and myself by 1. Ida and baby stayed here last night and went back to Lewis' late in eve. Maggie and Leo came at 12 and Leo went back in eve and Maggie stayed. Willie foxhunting most of day.

Sun. 24th. Cloudy and warm from SW and sprinkled rain little early in morn and some late in eve (but sun shined some). All of us home today. Dan dined here and Ed Ogden here at 5 1/2 to 7 3/4 at night.

Mon. 25th. Foggy and sprinkled rain some in morn, but bright and warm in eve and calm. Pa and Willie walked to Clara's in morn and dined there. Seymour and wife, Gus and wife, and Wiley DeLoach dined here. Rena and Maggie M. drove Hattie to our buggy and Dixie went with Seymour and Willie rode Salome to chapel to a Christmas tree at night and returned at 10 1/2. Ida and baby and Seymour stayed here all night.

Tue. 26th. Bright and cool and dry from NE. Seymour and Ida and baby moved to Pine Woods today. I cut bushes and vines in locust thicket in old road in morn. Dan dined here. Maggie and Rena walked to Estina in eve.

Wed. 27th. Clear, quite cool early in morn, but wind from SE and warmer in eve. Willie foxhunting all morn. I cut bushes, vines, and briars in locust thicket in old road all morn. Pa and I fixed up orchard bars in eve. All went to Gussie's house to have a sociable (but Pa and myself) late in eve and there all night.

Thu. 28th. Cloudy but bright part of day and warm from S. All came home from sociable just before daylight and Dan and Wiley DeLoach came and stayed till after breakfast. I cut bushes and briars out of locust thicket in old road all morn. I had a dull headache all morn and began to vomit at 2 in eve and lasted all night. Leo Miller came at 11 and stayed all night.

Fri. 29th. It began to rain in slow showers at 6 3/4 in morn and lasted till 10 1/2 and rained again at 2 1/2 and blew up from N at 3 1/2 and rained hard then till 4 and slowly till late in night. My headache left me in morn. We had eggnog at 10 1/2 in morn. Maggie and Leo Miller left at 12 1/2 for home.

Sat. 30th. Cloudy and very wet - but bright in eve and quite cool from N. I cleaned out spring and branch early in morn and cut bush


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