APRIL 1898

Fri. April 1st. Cloudy and rained slowly till daylight and quit but ground very wet and muddy and chilly some most of morn and bright and cool in eve. Willie plowed Joe and Lomie all day in new SW corner breaking ground and Wiley and I began to haul rails from cow pasture to calf pasture fence on roadside early in morn with Rachael and Dan to Seymour's wagon and we hauled 2 loads and Dan wouldn't pull and Wiley took him to Lewis' and exchanged him for the mare mule and we finished hauling all of the rails split (about 260) by 12 1/4 and Wiley and I drove Rachael and mule to Cohen's in eve and got 15 bbls of corn (at 50 cts.) on credit and we got home at dusk. Pa planted his beans in orchard in morn and cleaned up ground in new SW corner in eve.

Sat. 2nd. Bright, nearly clear, and cool from E of N and ground dried good deal today. Willie plowed Joe and Lomie in new SW corner awhile in morn and he planted some watermelons in Coon field at 10 to 12 and he rode Joe to town in eve and got a feeder for sewing machine and got Nellie's spectacles mended and he returned at dark. Wiley and I drove Rachael and Lewis' mule (to Seymour's wagon) to Cohen's in morn and got 15 bbls more of corn (we got 15 on yesterday eve) and we got home at 11 3/4 and Wiley took the wagon and mule home in eve. I scattered some sugar cane fodder in NE corner of orchard and packed and cut up some wood in eve. Seymour came early in morn and carried our Chester boar home, with him, with a line.

Sun. 3rd. Bright and cool early in morn but wind from SE and cloudy some and warmer in eve. Willie went to Clara's in morn and there till late in eve. Wiley and Nellie and Rena and baby walked to Mr. D Chambers in morn and I went as far as creek with them and cut 2 poles and fixed a crossing and I got back home at 10 3/4. Lewis here in morn till 11 1/4. I cooked dinner for Pa and myself and parched some coffee too. I caught 9 of Wiley's grown chickens in eve and put in pig pen for them to take to their house and I cut up some wood (packed some too) and drew water and milked some of cows and Nellie helped me to finish after she returned from Mr. Chambers.

Mon. 4th. Cloudy and warm from SW and dropped rain at daylight and began to rain in thunder showers at 11 in morn and lasted till late in eve (from SW and W). Wiley and Willie plowed most of morn in Coon field breaking ground with double teams and they went back at 2 1/2 in eve and rain ran them home nearly wet. Pa cleaned up ground in new SW corner and I worked on calf pasture fence on roadside till 11 ______________ stopped me. I took down old fence to ground and set one stake _________ and put up fence again with new rails, mostly ______ in roadside under fence with logs and bushes__________ there to work at 2 1/2 and got nearly wet with ____ Wiley to milk and drew water and got wood. Rena and baby here all eve till late.

Tue. 5th. Cloudy and cold N wind all day and drizzled rain some early in morn and ground very wet but ground dried some by eve although we had no sunshine today. Wiley and Willie cut bushes and briars in Luckett field most of day and Wiley and Rena dined here. I worked on calf pasture fence on roadside, repairing it, most of day and Pa cut bushes and briars there most of day and he put most of them in cane in roadside.

Wed. 6th. Bright and sun shined most of day but some hazy clouds all day and too cold in shade all day with a cold N wind all day and nearly cold enough for frost in morn. Wiley and Willie broke land all day with Joe and Dan and Rachael and Lomie. They finished Coon field by dinner and broke up cut between front gate and big road and some little on roadside of Gate cut in eve. Pa cleaned up ground in new SW corner most of day. I cut a bay in hollow SW of garden in morn for rails and it lodged and I stood on stump of it and cut off butt cut and I slipped and skinned and bruised my left thy and was lame all day and I had a dull headache all day and had some fever with my thy at night. I split up the bay cut and it made 32 rails and I packed them up the hill to fence by 4 1/2 in eve. I packed and cut up wood and drew water and fed and suffered good deal with my lame thy.

Thu. 7th. Clear and little frost in morn and wind from NE all day and too cold in shade all day but seemed warmer in eve. I don't think the frost killed vegetation any. Pa cleaned up ground in new SW corner all day and Wiley and Willie broke ground there most of day with double teams. Wiley broke both handles out of my old A plow at 10 1/2 in morn and he and I put 2 old handles in it at 10 3/4 to 11 1/4 and he broke beam out of it late in eve. I took down 20 panels of calf pasture S of garden, on hillside, and put a stake at every corner and rebuilt fence in morn by 12 and I cut some yellow wood bushes and stuck Nellie's English peas in garden in eve. Clara here all day. My thy was better today.

Fri. 8th. Clear and a little frost in morn but a pleasant day from S. Wiley and Willie and I began and planted ___ all day in Coon field. Willie opened ground with 1 furrow ___ with Joe and Dan to B plow and Wiley covered with ____ to harrow and I drilled corn. Pa covered with hoe _______ most of eve and he came home and packed and cut some wood ___. Nellie and Dean washed in morn and Wiley and Rena ___. Nellie kept the baby here at night so that Wiley _____________.


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