APRIL 1885

Wed. Apr. 1st. Bright and warm cloudy some and SE winds. Willie and I walked out toward Coon place just at daylight to hunt for a turkey gobbler which I saw at our pasture bars on yesterday morn but we didn't see or hear any. Lottie cow gave birth to a heifer calf in pasture by water gap just at daylight. Willie threshed some cotton stalks and cut some briars and bushes and put some brush in wash in bottom in Gate cut in morn. I broke up all of straight short rows and 4 long rows and finished breaking up that end of Gate cut (east) by 11 3/4. I harrowed all that I plowed in morn and part of that plowed on yesterday once to row early in eve and planted all that I plowed today in corn in eve.

Thu. 2nd. Bright and warm all morn but dark clouds and began to thunder in NW at 10 in morn and dark thunder showers came up from SW all eve from 2 o'clock on and most of night. I planted corn in morn and finished all of poor end of Gate cut by 10 1/2 and cleaned some around poor end of Cherry cut next to watermelon patch till 11. Dixie, Willie, Rena and I went down to branch below Mr. D's to fish and only caught 2 fish and rain ran us home at 2 3/4.

Fri. 3rd. It rained in slow showers with good deal of rolling thunder most of last night and bright and cool N wind today. Willie and I walked and fixed water gap in Mr. Sims' pasture by creek early in morn and I cut some iron wood and other kinds of stakes for new cow pen fence till 12 and cut dead bay by gum early in eve and it lodged against gum and I cut some more stakes and sharpened and stuck all of them in eve.

Sat. 4th. Bright and cool - wind cool from N. I nailed caps on stakes on west and north sides of new cow pen and Dixie and Willie helped me to pack some of the bay rails and we finished the 2 sides of pen except 3 panels by gum at corner by 12. Nellie and Rena rode Julia and Seymour went with them to Uncle Gus' in morn and Seymour brought old Julia back at 4 in eve. Willie and I went fishing on Estina in eve. Bud here late in eve.

Sun. 5th. Bright and cool - wind from SE. I rode old Julia to SS. P Smith held SS. Dixie and Willie stayed home in morn and they went to Pa's in eve and I walked to Mr. Sims'. Nellie and Rena got home from Uncle Gus' at dark.

Mon. 6th. It rained a little shower last night and cloudy all day and warm and windy and very dark cloudy in eve and began to shower at 4 1/2 and lasted most of night. It hailed and blew and thundered good deal and rained heavily at 7 to 10 at night. I plowed till 12 1/4 and broke up old watermelon patch and ran rows on through poor end of Cherry cut to road. I harrowed and opened all of ground (broken in morn) for corn in eve and rain ran me home and I didn't get to plant it.

Tue. 7th. We had a heavy rain with thunder and some wind and hail from west early last night and rain lasted I guess till midnight. It began to rain in thunder showers at 7 1/2 in morn from SW and lasted till 10 and again at 4 1/2 in eve and quit at 7. I made a gate for outside of new cow pen at 10 to 12 and set and fixed it up at 1 to 4 in eve and rain stopped me from work just as I finished the gate. Lewis and Gussie here in eve.

Wed. 8th. Bright and pleasant - wind cool from N. I cleaned out hen house and left manure on cart early after breakfast and sent my plow to Mr. Sims' shop by Willie and had it pointed and sharpened. I cut about 5 foot long off old dead bay lodged against

large gum in new cow pen and got bay down and set stakes and built on E side of cow pen by 3 in eve and put up gate (from outside of old pen to inside of new pen) and finished new pen by sunset. Bud here about 20 minutes at 3. Nellie and Rena walked to Pa's in eve.

Thu. 9th. Bright and warm in eve - wind from NW. I went on cart to Cohen's early in morn and returned at 10 1/2. I got a sack of corn and a sack of oats on credit and got 11 yds of stripes for shirts and paid for them. I plowed in eve and broke up 4 short rows on the corner of Cherry cut (with 6 furrows) and finished breaking corn ground by late in eve.

Fri. 10th. Clear and pleasant and a beautiful day - wind from N. I opened all of ground broken yesterday eve on poor end of Cherry cut with 2 furrows and reopened all that below it which I plowed up last Mon. morning and opened in eve with one furrow and sowed all of it in corn and covered it with harrow ---- twice to row over most of it and finished by 11 1/2 which is last of my corn all being planted. Bud came at 11 for some boat corn and dined here and left here at 1 1/2. I hauled 7 cart loads of manure from pen and put on Gate cut by bars in eve. I made 7 or 8 piles out of each load.

Sat. 11th. Clear and pleasant wind from SW. I hauled out 7 cart loads of manure from pen (and got last of it) and put it in piles on Gate cut by 11 1/2. Misses Jennie and Grace Chambers came at 10 1/2 and here till late in eve. Willie and Rena found Lu with a young heifer calf in morn and got her in pen late in eve. Willie and I went fishing on branch by Lucky's in eve and caught 8.

Sun. 12th. Bright and cool - wind very cool from N. Rena and I rode old J, Dixie rode Pearl and Willie walked to SS in morn. Dixie and Rena rode J to Mr. Batey Chambers from SS. Willie, Gussie and I came home and Nellie and Willie and Gussie went to Mr. Batey's in eve. I arose with a dull headache and had it bad late in eve and all night. I found little Nora with a heifer calf in Mr. Sims' pasture late in eve and got her home.

Mon. 13th. Clear and quite cool - wind from N. I suffered all last night with a very severe headache and vomited good deal and slept but little. I lay in bed most of morn and slept some. I hauled out a cart load of manure from calf stable at 3 in eve and spread it (and some of that hauled last Sat) on Gate cut in eve (Willie helped me). I felt feverish and very unwell at night.


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