APRIL 1883

Sun. Apr. 1st. Bright and warm, wind from N. All of us went to Sunday School in morn. Dan and Hattie Floyd came home with us. Alice, Clara and baby came in eve.

Mon. 2nd. Bright and cool, N wind all day. I opened with 2 center furrows in morn beginning where Cherry cut joins Gate cut in hollow in poor ground and opened to 1st long row on hill in Cherry cut by 11. I killed 2 young crows at 11 1/2. I hauled out a cartload of seed and spread them and covered nearly all of them with plow late in eve.

Tue. 3rd. Bright and cool in morn and warm in eve. I plowed in Cherry cut from top of hill to 9 rows below sassafras stump opening with 2 center furrows till 11. I was feverish all eve and dull pain in head. I hauled out a full load of seed in eve and spread them where I opened in morn and covered some of them late in eve.

Wed. 4th. It began to shower from SW at daylight and thundered and showered till 9 1/2 and then we had a good rain and a hard shower at 2 with hard wind from E first, then from W, then from S. I plowed from 8 to 9 1/2 and covered all of seed put out yesterday eve and got nearly wet. I fixed spring and began to make (patch) fence at my fence N of here. F. Coon came in eve to see about Emma hiefer's calf.

Thu. 5th. Warm and cloudy, SW wind, but bright. I had my plow layed and sharpened by 9 in morn and opened with 2 center furrows the patch by front gate on left side of road by 11 1/2. I hauled 2 loads of manure from stable and 1 from pen in henhouse in eve and put on patch and covered with plow late in eve. Nellie and Willie walked to Pa's in eve.

Fri. 6th. Dark, cloudy and high SW wind till 2 1/2 and then we had a heavy rain with thunder and some wind from NW and showered balance of eve. I hauled out 2 full cartloads of manure from pen and put on patch by front gate by 9 1/2 and covered with 2 furrows by 12. I put about 5 light loads equal to about 60 bus. of manure on about 2/3 of that patch. I began to plow out mids with 4 furrows by gate by 1 1/2 and rain stopped me at 2 1/2.

Sat. 7th. Bright and some dark clouds and wind from N in morn and dark, cloudy and dropped rain from N in eve and cool. I shot an old opossum N of here which had caught a hen with young chicks at 10 last night and I shot 2 rats in cow pen this morn. I worked on patch N of here all morn. Willie, Rena and I went fishing on Estina in field in eve.

Sun. 8th. Dark, cloudy and chilly from SE. Dixie,, Willie and I went to Sunday School in morn and Seymour and Gussie came home with us. Mr. D, Cousin Dosia and Dan came in eve. It showered lightly from 11 till night and then rained hard most of night.

Mon. 9th. Dark, cloudy and showered till 9, and bright and pleasant balance of day from N. I stuck Nellie's peas early and then worked on patch fence N of here. I worked on brush part most of day on W side.

Tue. 10th. Cloudy and misted rain till 10 and bright and pleasant in eve. Willie and I went on cart to town early and got a bbl of meal from Kaiser; at J and H's 1/2 doz thread, 1 gal of molasses, 50 cts; 6 3/4 pds of coffee and $1 of meat from Cohen. We returned at 12 1/2. I cut poles and stakes and fixed some of fence on N side of patch. I had a bad headache and had to quit early.

Wed. 11th. Bright and warm, SW wind. I suffered all last night and most of today with headache. I began to plow out middles on H ridge with 4 furrows in morn and plowed there all day - the ground is too wet to plow well.

Thu. 12th. Bright and warm with SW wind. Pa and Bud came in morn and worked on patch fence all day. Dick D came and brought his team and he and I plowed all day. We finished mids in all of ground that is manured which is 1 1/4 acres on H ridge, 3/4 below oats, and 1 1/2 of Cherry cut. Dan, John C and Tom C plowed for Lewis.

Fri. 13th. Bright and warm with SW wind. I harrowed all of cotton ground on H ridge and patch below oats and all of Cherry cut that is plowed up and sowed cotton seed over watermellon patch and harrowed it by 12. I planted the watermelon patch in watermelon and canteloupe seed just after dinner. I cut potatoes for planting most of eve.

Sat. 14th. Bright and warm, SW wind. I plowed middles in my potatoe patch with 4 furrows and harrowed it and opened with plow and Willie and I planted them and finished by 11 1/2. Willie, Gussie, Dixie, Rena and I went fishing below Mr. D's and on Estina to Sims water gap in eve.

Sun. 15th. It rained a good hard shower from NW at 11 last night and cool and cloudy from night till 12; bright and pleasant in eve. Dixie, children and I went to Sunday School in morn. Dan and Beau Chambers came back with us to dinner and here till late in eve.

Mon. 16th. Clear and pleasant, wind cool from N. I plowed out middles with 4 furrows in patch by front gate and harrowed and opened it in morn and planted it and some on H ridge in cotton in eve, which is the first cotton I've planted this spring.

Tue. 17th. Bright and pleasant weather. I planted cotton all day. I finished all on H ridge by 12 and opened and sowed all of cut below oats but didn't cover any of it. Dan came late in eve and got some seed potatoes. Mr. Sims came late in eve.

Wed. 18th. Bright and pleasant but some clouds and damp SW wind all day. I covered cut of cotton below oats with harrow early in morn and planted in Cherry cut all day and finished all that is plowed up which is down about 12 or 15 rows below sasafras stump. I finished about an hour by sun and was very tired.

Thu. 19th. Dark, cloudy and showered a little in morn at 8 - but bright balance of day. I worked on patch fence from Lyn log to cowpen and part of cowpen fence all day. Nellie and Eliza washed and scoured and sunned everything. I found a hen setting on 8 hen's and 8 guinea's eggs in eve and we put them in a bbl.

Fri. 20th. Cloudy and SW wind but bright and pleasant weather. I worked on and finished all of cowpen fence and fixed a manure pen and finished all of W side of patch fence by 11. Willie and I went fishing on Hurricane Creek above McNamara's field in eve. We only caught 5 and threw them back.

Sat. 21st. Warm, cloudy and high S wind all day and rained several light sprinkles in eve late. I cut down the briars by NE corner of garden in morn and made the fence from garden to wire fence in eve and finished late in eve and was very tired. Nellie rode to Pa's at 9 to 11. She cut my hair late in eve.

Sun. 22nd. Dark, cloudy and high S wind all day till 3 in eve. It began to thunder in W and a shower from SW at 8 and lasted till 2 and then we had a good hard shower from NW which was needed. We didn't go to Sunday School. We started and got below Mr. D's but cloud and thunder ran us back.

Mon. 23rd. Clear and pleasant- a beautiful day. I commenced here by front gate and barred off patch of corn next to pasture by 8 and on in Gate cut till 12. I had my plow sharpened at 2 to 3 and barred off corn in Gate cut and finished all of it after sunset and was very tired.

Tue. 24th. Clear and cool wind high from N all day. Lewis plowed all day for me (breaking up). He finished Cherry cut on W side late in eve and plowed 7 or 8 rows in Dewberry cut. I cleaned off Cherry cut for him to plow by 8 in morn and I barred off all of Persimmon cut of corn and finsihed late in eve and knocked down some corn stalks in Dewberry cut late in eve.

Wed. 25th. Clear and quite cool, wind from NE. Lewis took Nellie, Dixie and children to town in his wagon. I rode Julia and we had Dixie's and children's pictures taken and got some things. I got $3.60 worth on short time from Kaiser. We returned at 1 1/2. I thinned patch of corn by front gate and some in Gate cut. I walked to Sims' quarters at dusk to get hands to hoe corn.

Thu. 26th. Bright but some clouds in morn and right cool. Dark and cloudy late in eve. I thinned corn in Gate cut all day and finished it late in eve and thinned nearly 1/2 acre by Cherry stump in Persimmon cut by dusk. Mary A and Anne hoed corn all day for me. They hoed patch by front gate (next to fence) and all of Gate cut and 3 rows in persimmon cut.

Fri. 27th. It began to shower slowly from W with far off thunder at daylight and lasted till 10 and then bright balance of day. Mary T and Winnie came and hoed corn about an hour from 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 and got nearly wet and quit. I thinned corn most of day and finished all of Persimmon cut late in eve. I ate some dewberries at 10 - had pain in my stomach from 12 1/4 to 3 and then took headache and had it all eve and all night.

Sat. 28th. It rained a good hard shower at 11 to 12 last night with a good deal of thunder from W. Bright and warm till 2 1/2 and then we had a shower of rain and some hail from NW and we had another shower at 3 1/2 to 4 and heavy hail and another hard shower of rain at 8 1/2 at night. I suffered all last night with headache and vomited some this morn. Suffered most of day with it. I did nothing all day. Willie, Rena and I went to Estina branch at old bridge to fish at 1 but cloud ran us home. Dan here all eve.

Sun. 29th. Bright and pleasant, wind cool from N. All of us went to Sunday School and on to Pa's balance of day. I brought Hunter home (Nellie rode him) to plow.

Mon. 30th. Bright and warm till late in eve. It clouded up and showered from S from 5 1/2 to 7 1/2. I plowed all day - plowed Julia and Hunter in Dewberry cut, breaking it up. My right forefinger is very sore and painful and has been since Sat. I suffered at night with it and didn't sleep well.


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