APRIL 1880

Thu. Apr. 1st. Bright and pleasant. It thundered in NW before day.

I planted corn in my old potatoe patch here and balance of day in Gate cut.

Fri. 2nd. It commenced to rain at 1 in morn from SW with some wind and thunder and lasted till 8. I fixed new hook to E window in dining room and then I hoed and planted cotton in corner between Spring gate and cowpen but did not finish all of that corner. High wind from S all day and dark and cloudy.

Sat. 3rd. Bright, pleasant with high S wind all day. I carried a saucer of butter to Mr. Sims early in morn. I hoed and planted in Plum corner in cotton and finished by Spring gate, and one row by poplar log. I finished all late in eve and was very tired. Nellie rode Fanny to Pa's after Willie in eve. He went home with Clara on Thu eve the 1st.

Sun. 4th. Bright and warm, pleasant with breeze from S. I drove Annie to Pa's with a bull calf in morn and I went there again in eve. Nellie and children went to her Pa's in eve.

Mon. 5th. Clear and warm but pleasant S breeze. I planted corn in Gate cut all day.

Tue. 6th. Clear and warm, wind from E. I took two alt pills last night and two Con pills today. Pa ate breakfast here and rode Fanny to town to court. I planted corn all day (opened with Julia) and finished all late in eve and was very tired.

Wed. 7th. Cloudy and cool, wind from N. I worked out my Irish potatoes. Pa came to dinner. He stayed at Gus's last night. I planted some cushaws and Hub squash here in yard in eve late.

Thu. 8th. It rained slowly from the NE in the morn and it is cold for this time. I did nothing in the morn. Nuky dined here and I gave him some white pinders. Dan and Bud drove up Dolly with a calf in eve. I hoed in my sugar cane in eve.

Fri. 9th. We had some frost in morn but I don't think it killed anything. I plowed in Cherry tree cut toward fence (breaking up solidly) all day. Cool and clear wind from the N.

Sat. 10th. Clear and a little frost in morn, wind from S in eve. I finished plowing up Cherry tree cut toward Mr. D's by dinner and plowed up a patch for whip peas in eve.

Sun. 11th. Clear, cool and dry N wind. I went to Pa's in morn and we drove up Fanny with calf in morn. Clarissa dined here and she and children went to Pa's in eve. I drove up Bella with a calf in eve and found Agnes with a calf. Nellie and I had a spat in morn early.

Mon. 12th. Clear and cool, wind from E. I drove up Agnes with a heifer calf in morn. I went to Pa's in early morn to see them off taking Si Lawson. I plowed up wire grass ground where Cherry tree stood today.

Tue. 13th. Clear and pleasant, wind from S. I harrowed all of Cherry tree cut and whipped pea patch by 11. Ma here all day. I planted some cotton in Cherry tree cut by fence in eve.

Wed. 14th. Cloudy and some wind from S. I hauled Pa's potatoes in morn. I took 2 alt pills at 11. My nose has been bleeding at times since Sunday morn. I planted whip peas above little persimmon tree and some cotton in eve.

Thu. 15th. Cloudy and strong wind. Threatened and did sprinkle some in eve. I planted cotton and finished all of Cherry tree cut that is plowed up in eve. George and Charles planting cotton here by road in eve.

Fri. 16th. It rained good rain last night with good deal of thunder and lightning. Cloudy in morn but bright and warm in eve. I went on cart to town in morn and got 1/2 bu of salt, 2 boxes of lye, pair of shoes for Nellie in eve.

Sat. 17th. Warm and cloudy in morn - bright in eve. I went with F. Coon to get my Mark steer and he sent me a heifer in eve. I harrowed and rebedded my potatoe patch in morn and picked out my seed potatoes in eve. Nellie and children went to Miller's today. Buddy here late in eve.

Sun. 18th. Warm and cloudy with high wind. Nellie, children and I dined at Pa's. Bud and I drove Florence heifer with a bull calf in eve. Misses Jenny, Cary and Lucy there in eve. Pa went to Morgan's in eve and here late.

Mon. 19th. It rained at 9 in morn - good shower from the W. Clarissa and Charles here in morn. I took clamps off Clarissa's colt. Buddy came to help me plant potatoes, but we cut potatoes and hoed some of my sugar cane in eve.

Tue. 20th. Bright and pleasant, wind from N. It thundered in E. most of day. I had pain in left side of my head last night and most of today. I plowed all day in Dewberry cut.

Wed. 21st. Bright in morn, dark, cloudy and thundered some. I planted potatoes most of day. Planted 4 1/2 rows. I was sick all day with bad headache and very sick late in eve and feverish all night and slept little.

Thu. 22nd. Cloudy and shiny, wind from S. I was sick all last night but better today. I finished planting my potatoes at 9 1/2 in morn. Bena helped me plant 3 1/2 rows making 8 in all. George got 1 1/4 and Charlie 1 bu of seed potatoes in morn. I plowed in Dewberry cut by fence in eve.

Fri. 23rd. Bright and warm, wind from S and cloudy some. I finished breaking up Dewberry cut and plowed up another whip pea patch in morn and planted them and harrowed all of Dewberry cut in eve.

Sat. 24th. Warm, cloudy and S wind. I planted all Dewberry cut in cotton and finished by 4 1/2 in eve. Clara came at 1 and Pa came late in eve to get his sows at Sims'.

Sun. 25th. Warm, cloudy and S wind. Nellie, children and I dined at Pa's and all of us went to Mr. D. Chambers to Mr. Ferguson's baby's funeral in eve.

Mon. 26th. It thundered all last night and commenced to rain before day and lasted till 10. A good rain. Mr. D ate breakfast here. He went to town in eve. I did nothing in morn. I cut some poles and stuck all Nellie's beans in eve.

Tue. 27th. Cloudy, sun shined some but pleasant. I planted peas in turf till late and plowed up little patch on hill late in eve.

Wed. 28th. Cloudy but pleasant. It thundered in W all eve. I barred off all cotton in patch in morn. Mary Atkins, Ann, Mary Turner and Aunt Susan and I scraped all in eve that I plowed in morn.

Thu. 29th. It rained from NW at 9 and lasted till 12 noon. A good rain. I ran 2 center furrows in my old Pinder patch and commenced to break up on the Ridge in morn. Rain ran me home at 9. I went to Morgan's in eve and got $20.

Fri. 30th. Bright and cool, wind from N. I took cart to town in morn and got 1/2 bbl flour at $3.90, 10 pds coffee $2, 2 pds sugar 20 cts, pair irons $1.25, 1 hoe 45 cts, and had my hoe sharpened 25 cts. Clara came at noon. I got 3 pans for Ma at 85 cts. I plowed on H ridge in eve. Mr. Dudley came late in eve.


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